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Had a great shoot today with Ed. Ed was laid back and easy to work with. He gave great direction and loved the lighting. Really looking forward to seeing the images. Thanks

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KJE Photography

Like to thank Ed and his amazing model and MUA for all their hard work yesterday to make the shoot a great experience. Can't wait for future events. All the best Keith.

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great space friendly group shoot with great model Indrija and mua and coffee and biscuits look forward to more thanj you

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Paul E Lawless

Very Nice Meeting Up

Fresh Form Professional Attraction Photography

Paired Floor Ample Design Studio Very Likeable


Location Superb

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Visited the studio today for a small group shoot with the wonderful Kym.

Ed made us all very welcome, was extremely helpful in setting lighting, and offered many suggestions and ideas.

Thank you for a great day and I look forward to being with you again

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Jasmine Loux

I have had the pleasure of working with Ed a couple of times now :D

Always polite, professional and good fun! Works at a great pace, and we hammered through a variety of outfits and shots, Ed showed me images back of the camera which is always nice, and later sent me lots of images from our shoots,

Great images from both shoots :D hope to work with Ed again in the near future,

100% recommend :D

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Kym Williams

I was so happy when edd said he would shoot again :) because he is insanely talented and one of the most fun photographers I have worked with, we shot about 6 sets which is being super different from the last thanks to edds knowledge of lighting. He even put up with my mad ideas and somehow made it work...

I hope everyone gets to work with edd at least once because you won’t be let down :)

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Kym Williams

I had one of the best shoots ever with edd, pre coms were excellent to! We did a mix of studio stuff and location during the day and edd made me feel 100% relaxed and comfortable from the start! I have already seek some photos and they have blown me away! Edd is super professional but also super fun and chilled to be around and I honestly can’t wait to work with him again :) x

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Victoria Birkin

Had the pleasure of working with Ed at a group shoot. He is a very talented photographer. Highly recommended! Thanks again for a fab shoot and can't wait to see the images! x

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Peyton Black

I've had a few shoots now with Ed and his skills are out of this world. He literally boosts you so much in the shoot, gets you even more into it. Always felt 110% confident and comfortable, as much as I know what I'm doing I still love a tog to give me input, and help guide me if a leg or a bit of hair is out of place. He is magical behind that camera. HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend. Very professional and a great laugh! Can't wait to shoot again!

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Very professional photographer!

So great to work with and it is great to have found not only a wonderful photographer, but a new friend.

He takes his time to study the subject(s) and takes very creative and artistic shots! After a few hours I learned so much. I really appreciated the images and I spent a wonderful day with Edward.

I am very much satisfied and would highly recommend it to anyone!

Thank you xx

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Becky holt

Absolutely loved working with Edward! not only is he really good at what he does, he's also a really cool person! The shoot was amazing from start to finish and i couldn't be happier with the end result, photos are awesome!!! thanks again ♥

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iv had had a couple of shoots with Edward... it was so much fun!

he made me feel very comfortable and confident, he's taught me alot about posing and being a model, and I wouldn't be how/where I am with out his help.

The images never cease to amaze me!

He is a very hard working photographer and I would love to work with him again!

Thank you

Sarah Jane x

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I loved to work with Digital-Flow.co.uk! He was nice, polite, friendly and professional, he made a really creative atmosphere. I was really pleased that i finaly can do creative make-ups and he did not ask me to slow down with colours... or work faster.... He gave me enough time to drow pictures on models faces and even has edited the first set of pictures from our photoshoot just in a couple days!

I would love to work with him again and highly recomend him to work with!

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'Do you want to have it done quickly, or you want it done right? ' the sentence best describes Ed's work. Workaholic with a passion! :) Very creative. Even after a long day of work he still has a lot of ideas. He has the most important feature in this profession, even after many hours of shooting - PATIENT.

Great respect for the wonderful work and talent. Working with him is a pleasure, especially when he keep saying "This is awesome, I love my job" :) Many thanks for your cooperation, from both of us. I also hope that you're happy with us and yet you still want to work with us, someday.

Best regards

Dominika & Marcus

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Jenn Hukins said...

Had a brill shoot with Ed and Henry! Top guys - so friendly and funny, would love to work with them again!

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Gill said...

Had an awesome shoot with this fun and creative guy. I learned a lot as a model as Eddie was great with directing and a wonderful confidence boost. I absolutely love my images and they are hands down my favorite. Highly recommend this ball of energy to work with. You the maaan :)

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Georgie Riot

I have worked with Ed a number of times. He is hardworking and passionate about his photography, always striving to reach new heights. Digital-Flow has played a significant part in molding me into the model I am today; from some of our earliest shoots, Ed has always aided me with honest praise or criticism of which I may have needed. He has provided me with direction and advice as to perform to the best of my abilities. I look forward to creating some beautiful images together again soon. He never fails to put in 110% effort, I can't recommend him highly enough.



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Trixie Rose Model said...

Had my first studio based shoot with Digital-Flow yesterday and loved it!

Edward met me in the bus station and polity carried my stuff back to the studio he was friendly and chatty, since it was a short notice shoot we had to create ideas but came up with some cracking images. He was very professional and easy going I felt at complete ease the whole time and got on with him a hit! Definitely want the pleasure of working with him again and would highly recommend working with him.

Thank you for a fun shoot I had a great time!

Trixie R


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