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So happy to be able to give this awesome photographer his first reference on PP!

After little communication and a very vague idea of what we wanted to shoot Dec decided the best place was to start at a pound shop.. (unfortunately Aberaeron only has a £1.20 shop wtf!) We picked up so crazy bits and bobs including a tin tray, some fairy lights, a pink fly swat (which made great pixel bokeh shooting through it) and various other odds and sods. So we played about with soft light, pink light and fairy light doing a few various boudoir sets.

You wouldn’t believe this guys insane skills..! I’ve already received outstanding edits and will certainly be working with him again! Just watch this space ;)

Dec is a very professional, friendly and funny character and most of all knows how to give a little banter ;) He’s also an extremely talented photographer with great processing skills to boot! I am so happy to have had the chance to work with him :D

Would I recommend him...? Yes... 150%... Highly recommended to all creatives, photographers, MUA’s and models new and experienced.

Thank you kind Sir!


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