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Would I recommend Deano74? Yes I certainly would!

I had a few available time slots using a DayUse central suite whilst in Aberdeen on a weekend stay, which is where he had booked in a shoot with me for a couple of hours.

This man is full of personality and was a delight to work with. I don't see many photographers bring so much stuff with them to use outfit wise, which always makes a nice change!

Pre-comms were brilliant and I knew what we were looking to capture on the day.

Each set had a different feel and was great fun to capture. We made use of a few different areas within the room and I enjoyed each different set we did. From fashion styles through to lingerie and then a fetish wetlook outfit with corset which I would wear everyday if I could.

I would highly recommend this man. Kind, funny, outgoing and has a keen eye for the little details and creativity. An absolute delight, who made the two hours fly by!

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Scarlot Rose

I first shot with Dean on a workshop last year but had the opportunity to do something totally different this week whilst up touring in Scotland. Dean also booked a makeup artist for the shoot and he came fully prepared with props, outfits and accessories to match each look!

We shot two totally different styles at different locations, it was a bit of a rush trying to get everything done in the time we had but with a bit of shuffling things around we did manage to shoot both concepts!

Dean was very thoughtful towards me and the MUA making sure we had snacks, water and everything we may need for the shoot.

Thank you again for a totally different kind of shoot, happy to recommend to other models :)


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Lyra Flett

Had a really fun shoot with Dean in an awesome hotel in Aberdeen city centre. He brought lots of amazing outfits and wigs, and also brought make up if I wanted to use it. He met me in the hotel bar and we got chatting for a while before we actually stared shooting. He was full of laughs. I definitely would recommend him to any model and look forward to working with him again.

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Em Theresa

I shot with Dean at a cool hotel in central Aberdeen while I was touring in Scotland. His pre-shoot comms were spot-on, and he greeted me with a coffee which is always much appreciated (especially after getting stuck going round the 1-way system for a few loops!). He is a really creative and organised photographer, he brought along a number of outfits and even wigs and makeup/fake lashes for me, in addition to his lights and really made the best of the room. He was also good company and totally professional in conduct. I'd be very happy to shoot with Dean again, and recommend him for sure!

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I had a shoot with dean on his recent trip to Manchester. His email comminucations beforehand were great and the shoot was organised easily. He picked me up from the train station and drove us to the hotel he was staying in. He had permission to shoot in the public spaces in the hotel which were lovely, great decor, very hippie/retro themed. I styled myself around the different parts of the hotel and we even managed to get a set outside without being rained on too much.

Dean was very friendly and we had lots of breaks and chatted throughout the shoot. Dean was very easy going and let me take the ropes most of the shoot but also had some fun ideas himself.

I'd happily recommend him and would definitely work with him again! :)

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Dan Infinity

Dean & I had a great shoot on his recent trip to Manchester.

Dean had a 60's retro theme in mind to tie in with the theme of the hotel we were shooting in, which i thoroughly enjoyed. I could totally feel the 60's running through my veins :)

Dean is a great guy & greeted me with a cuppa, he had sweets & we finished off with a cuppa & lemon drizzle cake - you can always win me over with tea/coffee, sweets & cake hahaha.

He had some new lights he wanted to play around with, props, accessories & 60's music plus we share a love of Game of Thrones what is not to love about this shoot?!

I felt completely comfortable throughout the shoot & I am looking forward to seeing the finished images.

Yes I recommend to other models!!!

Thank you for a fantastic shoot


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Scarlot Rose

Deano74 attended "An Evening on the Sand" workshop by Photoclassic that I modelled for during my Scottish tour. He arrived on time and was very chatty and friendly. He brought several props along to the shoot which made for some very different styles and was conscious of my comfort throughout (which is always appreciated!)

Although this was a different style of photography to some of his previous work, Deano picked it up really quickly and was great to work with!

Thank you again,

Scarlot :)

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Dean attended my Evening on the Sand workshop with Scarlot Rose and was a great guy to have along. Friendly and chatty, interested in learning as much as possible about a genre that was fairly new to him and he even brought several very well thought out props that added massive value to the event for everyone. I have no doubt that if Dean decides to pursue model photography further, he is someone that models should be queuing up to shoot with. His images from the workshop show that his creative eye is well suited to shooting models. I have no hesitation in recommending Dean to models and look forward to seeing what else he creates in future. :-)

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