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It has been an incredibly rewarding experience working with DBXhair on my recent shoot. Communication throughout the planning and preparation for the shoot was the best I have experienced from anyone in the industry - keeping me informed at every stage of the process with regular updates. A very professional service, extremely good rates, and her creativity is outstanding. I am over the moon with her work and would wholeheartedly recommend her to everyone. Thank you for all your help - I am extremely grateful to have had the chance to work with you on this project.

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Paul Dale

Sam had to endure the stress of cancelled trains for this shoot on a Bank Holiday Monday! We had no hard and fast plans for the day other than we would be looking to shoot two tribal styled sets with our model and using accessories.

She excelled in her creativity and both looks were spot on, despite only having a vague idea and a few Pinterest reference images! She was able to style her hair pieces and accessories to suit the make up and other accessories and liaised brilliantly with the other creatives on the shoot. The resulting images were outstanding and such a joy to capture. Sam's hair pieces are imaginative and add so many elements to a styled shoot. Hope to work with her again. :)

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Amber Tutton

I worked with Dbxhair for the first time a couple of days ago, she was lovely! she works so hard on her wigs and it shows! she was on time, ready with her hair pieces and ready to go!

professional, clearly visual, and a dream to work with!

highly recommended.


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I've shot with DBX Hair on a couple of occasions now, and she is amazing! Her wigs are beyond beautiful, and tend to be easy to wear and light for their size.

I would recommend her work to anyone who wants something really stunning and out there, for a shoot or just for fun! I already own one of her wigs and I'm ordering a second :)

Evie xx

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