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David is such a polite, caring and lovely man.

Before the shoot he was very informative of what he was looking for in the shoot we were arranging.

On the day, David (very kindly) came and met me at the station.

We shot in his home studio and were testing out brand new equipment that David had recently purchased.

David has alot of knowledge, so even though he was testing out his new equipment, which required lots of playing around, he managed to get to grips with it all very quickly, due to good knowledge and skill.

David was very relaxed and accomodating and we had plenty laughs through out the day.

Thank you again David for a lovely shoot!

And no doubt I'll bump into you your favourite city, my home city (Liverpool) sometime soon... :-D

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Had a shoot with David Today such a nice man really cared about the work and Made feel welcome and relaxed from the start. With me being new to this helped with poses to get the best shots also

Thank you so much x

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Had my first shoot with David and he was just amazing made me feel very comfortable knew what he was doing and we got some amazing photos as well would definantly reccomend working with him he's such a sweet heart and I will be working with him again

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Sapphire Bukhari

David is a very sweet and polite gentleman with a lot of knowledge. We had a short session shooting outdoors and I had a good time. He was very relaxed and we had a good laugh. Will be looking forward to shooting again and I definitely recommend him. Thank you!

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Storm Eclipse

Loved every minute of the shoot with David and he had some great ideas to try out. Really friendly and approachable and we were able to have some fun during the shoot. He is very professional and respectful of his models and was considerate. He worked well within the space he was given with it being a home shoot. We got some great images and I hope to work with him again in the future.

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I worked with Dave as part of a group photography workshop in Stockport. Dave was very polite, easy to get on with, and was very professional.

I would highly recommend him to others!

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I loved every minute of working with David,, such a wonderful man and lots of respect ,, he's genuine and lovely to work with ,, would definitely recommend him x

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Lauren Scott

David is very respectful and lovely hearted I enjoyed the shoot and look forward to another in the future .

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Faye L K

Had a fantastic time today with David today his work is very well thought out, and he made me feel very comfortable and at ease with the shoot. I enjoyed working with him and we made some good progress as well. I definately would recommend him to future clients. :)

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It was lovely shoot. He is nice as a photographer and as a person. Very organised and you can feel that he knows what he's doing.

Thank you again.

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I had a lovely shoot today!! I was made to feel welcome and safe!! Looking forward to further shoots and what we can come up with 😀

I would definitely recommend to anyone to work with Dave!!

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Loved working with you david was fun and was alot of laughing cant wait to do it again sometime!!

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Kayleigh dawson

Met david at ians back to basic studio day and he was a pleasure to meet and work with :)

We got on straight away. ian is a lovely gentleman and communicates brilliantly. Definitely hope we can work together again :)

I have already seen some fantastic results :)

Highly recommended

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Chelsea Bee

Had a good shoot with dave today, he took some really good shots that Im really pleased with, he showed me all the photos after and was extremely friendly

would definitely recommend, feel free to contact me if you have any questions

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Emeley McGuinn

Wow! What an amazing photographer! Being a young female I was a bit nervous about going to a home studio on my own, but I've never felt more comfortable! I laughed so much with David and got the most perfect photographs! Would definitely recommend David! Such a polite gentleman!

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Becky Kvittems

I had my second shoot with David today (the first being 3years ago). This time we were both a bit better and were experimenting with soft lighting. I thoroughly recommend David, he is mild mannered and easy to get along with. I got some edits very very quickly indeed, and I was happy with the results.

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Had an amazing shoot with David today. He is an extremely talented photographer who is very professional but is also great to have a laugh with. He is a lovely person, who is talkative, knowledgeable and really easy to work with. I'd love to shoot with him again. Would 100% recommend him, if you want superb shots then go to David! Thank you so much for today, I had a great time :-)

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ShadyLady♡ said...

I had a fantastic shoot with Dave today..he really is an amazing photographer and i would recommend to anybody...he made me feel so comfortable and had a very professional manner..we got some amazing pictures and I am really am happy with them we got outstanding results...he's such a pleasure too work with and I can't wait to work with him again it's lucky he's close to me thanks for a fab day Dave your a totally gem :) xx

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Had a wonderful shoot today with David. He s one of those people who immediately puts you at your ease. A beaming smile and such a Gentleman. I felt is safe hands. Dave is a perfectionist and makes sure before he takes any shots that every detail is covered my pose the lighting etc. He really takes pride in his work. That is what makes him the professional he is. Would I work with David. Id be down to have another shoot tomorrow if I could . Highly recommended cant wait for our next shoot. Thanks Dave

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Natalie Sara said...

i had a shoot with david today he is a fantastic photographer, he's really friendly and comfortable to shoot with, we did some great head shots and full shots which came out really good, i would love to work with david again.


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