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FANTASTIC shoot with Darren !!

really nice guy ! communication before hand was fab ! we knew exactly the images we wanted to get so when on set it went smoothly ! Darren really puts a lot of effort into his shots and the sets he uses and really knows the best lighting to get the most amazing shots !

cant recommend enough ! 5 stars all the way

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Nicole Rayner

Well....the lovely Darren attended 2 of the workshops I was hosting with Jon Downs at The Hacienda so I was lucky enough to spend a full day with him!

WHAT A LOVELY CHAP DARREN IS! I have never met anyone that smiled so much! He has such a wonderful persona and attitude! All I had to do was look at him and I felt happy!

Oh....not to mention HOW AWESOME HIS WORK IS!!! He was taking some amazing shots on the day!! and I so admire that although Darren is obviously a very accomplished photographer he is still attending workshops to improve even more! He was so attentive throughout the day! \

Asking great questions and always listening to Jon!

He got on great with all the delegates throughout the day - why? WELL BECAUSE HE IS LOVELY! I really enjoyed working with Darren! He made me feel comfortable, but also made me feel beautiful, the latter being very rare indeed so hats off!

I would love to work with Darren again, in fact I'd love him to be a new regular *cough* *hint* as I think we made a great team! I would and will be highly recommending him to other models!! :D

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Nicki Symms

Had a great shoot with Darren yesterday. Darren made me feel relaxed and comfortable straight away and we had a chilled out and fun shoot.

Great sense of humour and would definitely recommend 😊

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I had the pleasure of spending a week shooting with Darren on location in Spain and was impressed from the first image we got right to the last. I recieved little direction and plenty of encouraging comments that made me feel confident in what I was doing and helped us achieved the results we wanted. Not only is he a highly skilled photographer and editor, Darren is also a lovely, very sweet person that is relaxing to spend time with and can crack a good joke too!

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Jessica Ann

I had my first abroad photoshoot in Alicante with 4 photographers one of them being Darren. I was instantly impressed by Darren's professional nature and talent, he made me feel so comfortable that I even tried my first implied nude shoot, which I am very satisfied with the classy outcome of images! I recommend Darren and hope to work with him again in the future.

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I loved shooting with Darren! Wish we had got to shoot some more. Totally professional, made me feel at ease too!

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Hannah Foster

I had my first shoot with Darren at his home and it was epic! Darren had put together a shoot plan which was really good and I instantly felt comfortable with him. Darren has a really lovely home which is filled with natural light and loads of different rooms to shoot in, giving you tons of options.

Darren is a really lovely guy, who's down to earth, friendly and very respectful. Had a really fun shoot and look forward to working together again. Couldn't recommend any more! :)

Hannah x

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Emily Victoria

I shot with Darren at my recent studio day at toxic studio. He came well prepared and new exactly what images he wanted. Time flew by, and love the images I've seen so far. Hopefully get to work together in the near future :)


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I shot with Darren for the first time this week.

I drove to his house in Derby and he was very welcoming from the start! He made me feel very relaxed and was completely understanding of my levels.

Communication before the shoot was incredible, I knew exactly the style he wanted to go for.

We managed to get quite a few shots and I'm super excited to see them!

I would highly recommend Darren :D

Rach xox

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Anna Faye

Had my first shoot with Darren yesterday. I've been wanting to work with him for ages and I'm so pleased I have. The shoot was fun and relaxed and he got a very talented make up artist to join us as well. I absolutely love the photos and can't wait to see the edits. Darren was professional and very easy to get along with and work with.

Very highly recommend

Thank you, Anna

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Darren came along and shot with me at my workshop in London today with Tinkerbella. I'm not sure what I can say that hasn't already been said in his extensive references already - he's obviously a very talented photographer with a great portfolio. He worked great with the model, throwing out ideas and expert direction. A joy to get along with and added to the fun and friendly atmosphere. I'd like to shoot again with him soon. Highly recommended.

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Tink Kaos

Darren is an amazing individual! And an even more amazing photographer. I had the pleasure of working with him on a rather epic Intense Puppy workshop in March at the Shoreditch Home Studio, and enjoyed every minute we got to shoot together. He's super at directing, very chatty, respectful and has such an awesome eye for creating lovely portraits - would be over the moon to work with him again and again if I had the chance!

Highly recommended to all models, he's a true gent ♥

Tink xx

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Natural Light Spaces

Darren came into the studio today for a shoot with Ayla.

Darren is such a great guy to have in the studio, he is well planned and knows exactly how to get the shots he wants.

He worked well with Ayla and I could hear the laughter from the office.

Always good to have him in the studio and he is of course fully recommended. :)

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Arrow Photography

Met Darren today when he attended my very first video training day! What a great bloke!! Pre comms were excellent and wow is he a fast learner!! He put up with some early technical glitches and really was a pleasure to teach!

Super to be around, very funny too and easy company!

Definitely recommended in every way!

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I met and worked with Darren for the first time on a video training course run by Arrow photography. Darren was easy to get along with and keen to learn how to do video. He had some cool ideas for the shots he wanted. I enjoyed working with him and hope to work with him again soon. I would recommend him to other models :)

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Natural Light Spaces

Darren came into the studio for our first video training session with Arrow Photography.

All we can say is what a great guy, fantastic to work with and somebody we would welcome back into the studio at any time.

Highly recommended :)

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Amelie Alden.

Had a wonderful shoot with Darren at Sandon studio and would highly recommend him. As a person, Darren was easy going, relaxed, and I felt completely at ease in his company. He communicated his ideas clearly, and has a good sense of style too - he brought some beautiful and good quality items with him which I really enjoyed wearing and helped me get into the 'mood' of each set. He also came prepared wth

a mood board of ideas, which helped a lot in providing inspiration.

We only had a short time, but Darren has a real eye for light and angles and captured both perfectly, he set up quickly, adapted to how the light was working, and we got some beautiful results! Really glad we worked together and hope to shoot again soon. Thanks Darren!

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katie Anna

Had a fab shoot with Darren this weekend !

He was so lovely to work with , really chatty and great to get along with .

The shoot just flew by and we achieved some stunning images .

Darren is a great photographer and I would highly recommend him !!!!

Thanks again

Katie Anna x

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Natalia Forrest

Shot with the lovely Darren at last at my studio location here in Shrewsbury yesterday and wow what a pleasure- from the moment he walked in!!

I've had such a good week this week- a good year so far in fact come to think about it- working with so many super nice people one such as Darren and I mean Super nice with a capital S!

We worked through a few sets, time flew by went too fast!

I'm soooo looking forward to our next shoot already next month!!

Darren is professional, nice, easy going lovely guy, chatty, calm and most of all awesome at taking pictures!!!

Thanks again Darren was a true pleasure...

100%Highly recommended!!

Kind regards


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Ilvy Kokomo

Darren is an amazing photographer and such a nice and kind person! I really enjoyed photoshoots in Coco studios and the pictures looks incredible! :)



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