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A Savage

Had a great shoot with Darren today at his studio, we even managed to borrow a huge snake for the shoot!

He was incredibly professional, funny and a joy to work with.

Would highly recommend and would love to work with him again

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Misty Kildare

Turned up at the arranged time. Extremely professional and made the shoot relaxed and we got some great images! Would work with again!

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Kel minxy :) said...

I had my first shoot with Darren today we met at a place and we walked to the studio, he's made me feel very comfortable and he talked about what shoots he wanted to do and he was very friendly.

I had a laugh with him and he's very good at what he does to make good photos.

Can't wait for our next shoot

Would definitely recommend him he's brill..

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Catalina Love

I shot with Darren for the first time yesterday and I can honestly say it was a pleasure. Comms were really good and we discussed some great ideas. Darren is very easy to get on with, is polite and has a great personality. He gave direction well but also allowed me to be creative with my ideas.

I'd recommend Darren to established models as well as newcomers

I can't wait to shoot with him again

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Original Goth Mermaid

Had a fantastic shoot with Darren. We shot three different outfits and I've got some amazing photos to add to my port.

I would definitely recommend him, as well as being very professional he was very easy to relax around and gave me direction well.

Would work with him again in a heartbeat!

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Sal Price said...

As my first shoot with a different photographer, and in a studio I was nervous but Darren is easy to work with and friendly.

He works very professionally with the model and was a pleasure to work with - will gladly work with again!

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Carla Monaco

I worked with Darren on an art nude Worksop in feb 2013 at arcphotos.

Darren was polite, professional and easy to work with on the shoot.

He has some fine work and I hope to work with him again on a 1:1 shoot, I am happy to recommend Darren to any models out there :) Carla

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Tokyo Vanity said...

Had another shoot with Darren on the 16th and having worked with him for just over a year I can say every time something gets better. He is such a delight to work with and always provides amazing quality images quickly. Full of new ideas and great inspiration, Darren is always prepared - and fantastic at making drinks and providing biscuits!

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Had an Excellent two hour shoot with this lovely photographer covering Edgey Fashion/Classy Nude.

He is so relaxed yet so professional and can get the shot with little effort. Modest with his professionalism. A pure Natural!

Recommend Highly!

Darling :) x

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Amethyst Rose

Today was my second time shooting with Darren and it has to be said that he's a fantastic photographer! Great at directing and he made me feel really relaxed. I would definately recommend him and hope to work with him again in the future :)

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Sammy Jayne said...

Loved working with Darren so much! Very professional and friendly, made me feel very comfortable (even when doing my first swimwear shots!) and the time just flew! Did a brilliant job on the editing and got pictures really quickly! Overall, got some amazing shots, some of my favourite pics so far were from this shoot, thank you Darren! Will definitely work with again, cannot recommend highly enough!

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AGI Model said...

Had a fantastic and relaxed shoot with Darren today.

He's an amazing photographer, really creative and gives great direction when necessary.

I felt really encouraged by Darren and we had a lot of fun with various ideas both I and he brought to the shoot.

Looking forward to shooting with Darren again, cannot recommend him highly enough!

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I had my first shoot with Darren today. I'd definitely recommend him- friendly, polite, easy to get on with and alltogether a fun experience!

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Artemis Fauna

I had a great two hour shoot with Darren today at his home studio. Darren was friendly, fun to work with and made a good cup of tea! :)

We worked on an idea Darren had using a silk sheet and water and the results looked fantastic. It was fun to be able to collaborate on ideas and work together.

I hope to work with Darren again one day. Thank you :)

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Launa Doe

Second shoot with Darren today, I've got to say he's fantastic to work with. I really enjoyed the shoot and am very pleased with our results - again! Really looking forward to our next shoot :) - Launa

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Amethyst Rose

Did a short but great photoshoot witth Darren a couple of days who was great to work with. Very friendly and polite and took some amazing shots.

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Darren, is brilliant to work with would Definitly recommend him he's fantastic to work will great fun, made me feel really relaxed to not my shoot more :) .. With being off for a year I'm so glad my first shoot back was with Darren I loved every minute of it! I can't wait to work with you again! Cya soon :D x

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Classy said...

Had a shoot with darren on sunday , I recommend him to anyone , it was fun , chatted rather a lot and suprisingly enough managed to get lots of shoots in :) xx

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Launa Doe

Shot with Darren today, pre-shoot communication was great, and the shoot was very enjoyable. He was very encouraging, and offered direction when needed. We had a laugh and got some great images. I'd love to work with him again soon :) Highly recommended! - Launa

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Crimson Paintbox MUA said...

Had a shoot with Darren about a month ago on a zombie pin-up shoot. He was polite, friendly and got some nice clear shots that showed off the zombie gore nicely =)

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