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Rain Vega

I had a wonderful shoot yesterday with the incredible Alex, he made me feel extremely at ease, had a good laugh and thoroughly enjoy my time.

Definitely recommend and will hopefully be working with in the future 👍

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I Took the lovely Rain Vega for a shoot with Alex, what a pleasant friendly photographer he made her feel at ease, very hospitable and easy going, I hope the pictures are as good as his attitude towards models, thank you for making a new model comfortable


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Had a great shoot with Alex, he gave me all the information I needed beforehand and made it an easy process. He had lots of great ideas and different things he wanted to shoot which I really enjoyed and we managed to get lots of photos! Was a nice, relaxed shoot and was over too quickly, look forward to the next one :)

Highly recommend x

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My favourite shoot yet! Alex was very welcoming and very easy going! Would love to shoot again highly recommend x

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I shot with Alex for the first time a couple of weeks ago. I travelled to his home studio and we played around experimenting with various lighting set ups including using loads of different modifiers. We got some mixed results as we were really pushing to see what could be created with his kit in a semi small space but we managed to get some super interesting and awesome shots!

Alex was easy to book with, super friendly and very easy to work with! I'd happily recommend him and hope to work with him again soon! :)

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Kitty Quinzell

Alex booked me for 2 hours of my studio day at F/8.

Despite the fact he is quite new to this and still gaining confidence, he was really great to work with.

He understands that to get the best angles he needs to move around, and has a good understanding of light and how to use it to sculpt and flatter.

The images Ive seen so far are awesome!

I would happily recommend working with Alex and hope to work with him again in future.

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