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Yohoi k

I had a great shoot with kamila this week . Her idea is amazing and got very creative make up and outfits . I really looking forward to the result . Highly recommended

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I applied for ‘Steel Armour Fantasy Photoshoot’ casting three weeks ago, the outfits and fresh flowers which included irises, which was placed on the soft of my hair (really stand out beautifully) by Kamila. I got to wear the beautiful white dress, the steel armour which did feel a bit heavy, but I was ready for the task. To my surprise, I was made up with lovely make up and jewellery, which I was not expecting.

During my time at the casting, I was opportune to pose in the outfits which included a corset enchanted my figure even more. Kamila did an awesome job and it was my pleasure working with her. The creativity Kamila had around each pose was phenomenal, spectacular, gorgeous, beautifully and dynamic, which beautifully captured each individual stunning images 💙🤍

I must say the outcome was intriguing and would very much to work with Kamila again😁🙌!

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Kamila messaged me about a specific shoot idea, very different kind of shoot to my existing portfolio but with a clear idea and plan. Communication was fantastic and I had all the details I needed in advance of the shoot.

The shoot itself was great, Kamila is kind and warm person as well as incredibly talented and efficient. She clearly knew what she wanted to achieve and provided direction where needed to ensure she got the shots.

Kamila is one of the most talented people I've worked with, not just in photography but in art and editing. I would absolutely recommend her if you are fortunate enough to get an opportunity to shoot with her!

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Kamila is amazing, not just as a photographer but as an overall artist and person. Her talents are limitless and she was so kind and hospitable. Great with communicating before and after the shoot (and during), extraordinary at editing and such a unique, mystical style to her photos. Would absolutely shoot with her again and recommend her to everyone! X

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Louisa Lu

Had an amazing shoot with Kamila for the first time :) wow she is amazing!!! Her art is beautiful! Her editing skills are extraordinary! Kamila is very kind, professional, hospitable and polite. She offered me teas and coffees at her home studio and her partner picked me up and dropped me back off at the train station :) I look forward to working with you again soon! Highly recommended!! :D

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Chloe Marrs

Had an amazing shoot with Kamilla. She had beautiful costumes and accessories and a keen eye for great location shots.

She had a very unique and gorgeous style which presents itself in her photo editing. Very creative individual.

Since shooting she’s been very quick to send edits, can’t wait to see more!

Pleasure to work with :)

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Finally got the opportunity to work with Kamila in person after having numerous photos edited by her over the past few years.

A genuinely lovely person who obviously has a great passion for photography/art. I would highly recommend working with her as she is not only easy going and creative but super talented too. Many thanks x

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Shot at Kamila's home studio with another photographer but we managed to sneak in a few shots.

What can I say- she doesn't need anymore than a few shots Her vision for creating absolute masterpieces of art is truly amazing. One detail from a dress triggered an idea and the outcome is spectacular.

Her work speaks for itself.

That aside Kamila is a lovely friendly lady, a wonderful host and I would highly recommend anyone to work with her.

If you don't, you will be missing out on something special!

Dolls House Photography eat your heart out!

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Danica Macnab

This was my second shoot with Kamila. It was just as excellent as the first shoot I brought my mermaid vintage bath as a prop and we had a lot of fun getting in and out of that. She is truly a magician when it comes to editing and I’m always on the edge of my seat to see what she has created after we are done. She is a lovely lady and I hope to shoot with her many more times again in the future. Xxx

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Elle Baldwinson

Where to begin! I can only say amazing things about Kamila,we have worked together many times now and I am in awe of everything she does! Kamila is so talented and she created images like no other,everybody needs to see her style and I’d definitely recommend models to shoot with her. Kamila is one of the loveliest people I’ve had the opportunity to work with and I couldn’t recommend her more! I cannot wait to shoot with her again!

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Girl on Fire - Lydia

Another AMAZING shoot today with Kamila!

Like the last time we shot together, Kamila’s unquestionable talent in creating the most magical shot always makes her an absolute joy to work with. She always arrives on time and is so enthusiastic throughout the shoot.

She is professional, polite and makes you feel so comfortable. I would 100% recommend Kamilia to anyone and also highly recommend you use her talent in retouching as well!

Like always, I am so excited to see the results of today’s shoot.

Thank you so much Kamila!

Until next time!


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Girl on Fire - Lydia

Just had an amazing shoot with Kamila!

I have admired her gorgeous work for some time and knew I had to shoot with her. She is so lovely, professional and her outfits are AMAZING!

I felt so honored to wear such beautiful clothes. Kamila's style is so unique, she turns you into something out of a fairytale! It's amazing.

I am so happy with my shoot with Kamila and would 100% recommend her to anyone!

Thank you so much Kamila and cannot WAIT to shoot with you again!


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Girl on Fire - Lydia

I had an incredible shoot with Kamilia today on location and at her studio. We started off on location doing a stunning warrior-themed shoot alongside John, another model and outfit provider.

We then went back to her studio where we continued to shoot a dream land style shoot and oh my gosh the images were incredible!!

I always admire Kamila's work and she never dissapoints. If you are lucky enough to work with someone this talented then DO TAKE THE OPPORTUNITY!

I cannot wait until our next shoot!

Thank you again.


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Danica Macnab

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Danica Maynerd

Kamila is an absolute legend and so so talented!! Her editing skills are second to none! The images she has created have totally blown me away completely I cannot wait to work with her again. She is able to take the most normal picture and turn it in to a fairytale just like that ! 10/10 for imagination and pure skills!!! Lovely lady and mother to her beautiful son. So happy I found you I will be booking up again ASAP for more magic xxxxxx

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Elle Baldwinson

I have admired Kamila’s worked for a long time now, we have spoken many times before and I’ve been so delighted when she had edited some of my previous work and made it into something magical.

Yesterday I finally got to meet Kamila and work with her in person! What a fantastic day we had! Kamila had so many wonderful ideas she had told me about prior to the shoot, she brought along so many wonderful outfits for me to model which was a lovely change for me! She definitely has a great eye for picking out props and outfits. Kamila’s creativity is so unique and out this world, it was such a pleasure to work with her.

Kamila is also such a lovely person, it was so nice to work with her and I would recommend any model to jump at the chance to shoot with her! It’s so nice and refreshing to work with someone as enthusiastic about shooting as Kamila was, it definitely makes the shoot more enjoyable!

The images I’ve seen already from the shoot are outstanding. They take my breath away. Kamila definitely has talent and it incredible at what she does. I really hope to work with her many more times in the future!

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Amber Tutton

I have worked with Kamila twice now in the last two years and seen her at my socials, she is a super lovely girl.. incredibly creative and imaginative ! you don't find many people as talented as her

she's fantastic at thinking on the spot, super happy and energetic

she simply is wonderful

and the images as creates are eye wateringly wow!!! best images you'll find

thanks so much

highly recommended


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I sent 6 images to Kamila and I can only say the results were amazing.

Thank you so much Kamila

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As well as being a fantastic retoucher, Camilla is a fantastic photographer who is able to give direction and has a good eye for looks and posing. She has a huge collection of clothes and props that I had fun going through and creating stunning looks.

Camilla is so lovely and hospitable and I really enjoyed working with her. Her turn around time was super quick and the images were edited to a really high standard. I am delighted with the end results!

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Worked with Darkpurity on a project and it was an absolute pleasure from start to end. Excellent comms and a genuinely warm, friendly person who aims to help you get the desired results from your photos.

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Sent across a photo for editing and I'm not only impressed with the result but the speed it was done and excellent comms. Thanks

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