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Dan Tidswell has 92 references; 92 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 0 no-shows.

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Had a great time shooting with Dan for the first time, he's such a interesting person it didn't feel like work, more like having fun with a friend. Would definitely recommend him!

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I booked a TF with Dan recently and loved it! He's a legend

Highly recommended

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Michael Sibbons

I attended Dan's Paris Fashion workshop for a couple of days in June.

It was a fantastic couple of days, superb locations and models and with Dan's assistance I was able to capture some brilliant images. With the quality of these workshops they really are value for money.

This wasn't the first one I'd been on (doing Photoshop ones in the past) I'd strongly recommend any of Dan's workshops, he's highly knowledgable and a great guy to work with.

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Nicole Rayner

I had wanted to shoot with Dan from our very first meeting purely because of his infections personality!! Then I saw his work and of course wanted to shoot with him even more!! I think I waited about a year but our time finally came, and what a time it was!!

It was not work at all but just good fun!! Dan is so relaxed and easy going, yet still gets amazing shots! we got through lots of different sets - ranging from fashion to nude - Dan is quick and efficient when setting things up which meant we made the most of the time we had! he was professional throughout and made sure I was always happy and comfortable!!

What more can I say really? Laughed lots and got great images!! One of my best shoots to date and I am loving the images so much!!

Anyone is lucky to shoot with Dan!!! :D Of course, high recommended by me!!

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I went with Dan to Venice and he was amazing as usual. A true professional and an absolute blast to be around! He takes stunning images and is reliable, a lot of fun and if you get the chance to shoot with him then you are a very lucky person!

Highly recommended.

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Rosa Brighid

Totally got to work with Dan Tidswell! he booked me for a recent fashion workshop in Venice with the stunning Ayla Rose. He has a very unique portfolio, is extremely engaging to shoot with, and his skill level is top notch. I really enjoyed the whole trip and was looked after so well, I really got to experience Venice in all its glory, I felt it was a fantastic learning experience, but also a lot of fun. I can definitely see why Dan is so successful as a photographer, and why his trips are so popular. His sense of humour is also one of a kind, and he always looks after us, no matter what! Thank you for booking me, and I can't wait for next year! Bring it on :)

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I sing Dan the Man's praises wherever I go. He is amazing, not just a fantastic photographer but an insightful, intelligent, engaging and charismatic person. If your lucky enough to shoot with this man then do not waste the opportunity!

Highly Recommend!

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Alyx Verschoyle

Dan and I had a really great shoot around Central London and he was completely brilliant. As well as being a fantastic photographer, Dan is great company. Throughout the shoot, he was friendly, respectful and a good laugh too. His positive approach to the day, really allowed us to get the most from the shoot and we managed to cover a great selection of locations and a variety of looks. The pictures are looking really beautiful and I'm seriously happy with the results.

Other skills for the list: Orienteering & general Map-Reading Expert. ;) #LOL

Very much looking forward to working with Dan again in the future and more than recommend him to anyone lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with him... If you said no to a shoot, you might also be a little bit crazy!

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Elle Snowdrop

I had a fantastic first shoot with Dan. Pre communications was excellent and as I'm new to modelling he made me feel completely comfortable. Dan was professional, friendly and looked after me well on the day. Dan is a very talented photographer, a complete pro with the lighting and knew exactly what worked well for the shoot. I really could not ask for anymore!!!!

Absolutely love the images I've see so far and can't wait to see the rest! Highly recommended, thank you so much Dan!!

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Yeah.... He was alright.

Great photographer!! Just look at his portfolio. A great guy - down to earth and a great laugh. 100% recommended xx

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It was a joy working with Dan, he is such a professional friendly and relaxed photographer who made me feel Instatly comfortable around him.

Dan is full of creative ideas and is a complete pro with lighting techniques and set up. He is very considerate and kept me updated on the progress of our shoot every step of the way. Most importantly he produces stunning top quality images.

I would 100% recommend him to anyone, and I look forward to working with him again

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I was picked to be the model for Dan's Venice workshop which was an absolute privilege!! Dan was organised with an itinery whist relaxed enough to allow some creative serendipity! We were fortunate enough to have stunning weather and created some amazing images. Dan was hard working (we got up to shoot the sunrise at 4:30am!). Had a wonderful time and can't wait to see the pictures!! 100% recommend Dan to any model. Workshop will be running again this summer!!!

Much love,

Em x

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Miss VeilSide

I have worked with Dan upon numerous occasions now!

I'd like to say he was more than a photographer to me and more like a best friend. One of the best photographers in East Anglia! I don't need to tell you how good his work is, his portfolio speaks for itself. Stunning studio, stunning results and you certainly do not go home disappointed!

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MissStorm said...

Sorry for the late reference!

Shot with Dan after many weeks of talking :)

Absolutely lovely guy and the images are fantastic! Really hope we will get to work together again soon!

Storm x

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J Bird

It was my first shoot with Dan yesterday, and what can I say! Such a really lovely down to earth professional photographer.

Made me feel fully at ease straight away, had a good laugh and we produced some a amazing photos.

Dan has something different, in the way he is not afraid to try something out of the norm.

Our shoot consisted of throwing paint at specific timings and placements :D

Anyway I highly recommend Dan if you want some fantastic shoots and to well look after.

Cant wait for next shoot.


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Ellie Fenn

Dan was fantastic to work with. He was friendly, chatty and easy to get on with.

He picked me up, dropped me off and bought me lunch.

I felt 100% at ease the entire time and I have plans to work with him again in the New Year.

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this was the second time I have had a shoot with dan, and he done a super job the images came out beautiful and I can't wait to see them finished! His easy to get on with and makes you feel comfortable!

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Had a wonderful second shoot with Dan. Pre - communicatrions was immecable, he was professional and very friendly, once again. Whilst shooting he was enthusiastic and gave good directions. Looking forward to shooting again soon (I owe you). Thank you for another great shoot. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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Alex Douglas

Dan was incredibly smooth, productive and full of ideas. I would certainly recommend him not only to others but for work with my own video and TV production company.

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Miss Ryleigh

WoW! Where do I start! Dan is amazing, brilliant to work with such a laugh. love his studio plenty off room, could do any shoot in there :)

love the outcome, highly recommended.

hopefully get to work with you again soon :)

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