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I had a shoot with Danny and i felt very comfortable which is important for me as I am quite new to shooting. He gave me a few tips and guided me very well through poses and I am happy with how the photos have come out. A very nice person and very friendly. I would definitely recommend him.

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Poppy Haskell

I had a great shoot with dan he is a really nice guy and really easy to get on with! He has a speedy shooting style, and he is really talented! Highly reccomneded

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Yasmin Benoit

Had a great shoot with Dan last week! His studio is very comfortable, he's an incredibly efficient photographer who got me the photos I wanted in a short period of time, he was great at getting the lighting just right, and he was punctual in letting me see the shots. All the while, the conversation was great and the atmosphere was relaxed but professional. I would definitely recommend him!

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gabriella grigo

I was shooting with Dan for the first time at the workshop at scarlet door studio , and I had such a pleasure working with him. He's is so easy to get on with, made me feel very comfortable and clearly is very creative and professional photographer, who knows how to guide for the best result.

Loved the results, amazing images and I hope to work with him again. Lovely , and highly recommended . Gabriella :)

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I got in contact with Dan after he posted on Facebook looking for a "model" to help out with a shoot organised for the Newbury Camera Club, all about the "do's and don'ts" of lighting. I was looking to do a test shoot to get some nice headshot images, his studio was only 15 mins up the road so sounded ideal :)

For my first time in front of the camera, Dan, knew what he was doing and made me feel very comfortable/relaxed, as did the photographers from Newbury Camera Club.

As a thank you for my time, I went back the following week, and Dan took some more photos for me.

Lovely set-up, great guy and I've got some brilliant shots - Highly recommend!

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I worked with Dan for the first time and I gotta say he knows what he's doing!

He's great and full of ideas! Very friendly, easy going and absolutely professional.

Dan made me feel very comfortable during the whole shoot.

What else can I say!:) hmm... I can highly recommend him that's for sure!

Hopefully we get a chance to shoot again one day :)

Keep up great work and thank you!!

All the best

Agnes xxx

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Cassie Rae

I worked with Dan on a recent studio day at Scarlet Door and I could not recommend him enough.

Dan has a real flair for photography and that is evident in both his capture and his edits. Dan is evolving a really great style and is really pro-active and precise when shooting which makes for stunning final images. It is really refreshing to see somebody who is willing to push themselves to make what they create the best they can be.

Dan is really easy to get on with and I would urge other creatives to shoot with him.

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Doll Faced-MUA said...

I recently helped out on a shoot with dan, he was very professional and easy to work with, his ideas were spot on when it came to lighting and positioning of the model, and the prints are beautiful, I would highly recomend and hope to work together again in the future.

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I shot with Dan at a workshop, he was very fun and it was easy to relay what pics he was aiming for!

I have since seen some pictures and they look great would 100% recommend!

I would recommend to new or experienced models!

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Jodie Hollingmode. said...

Great shoot with dan on Saturday. It was a response to my casting for a shoot with my husband (who's no model!) I'm really impressed from what I've seen so far, just wow! Definitely love to shoot again and definitely recommend, he's a great team player and really directs well, imaginative and knows what he wants out of the shoot.

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Tina Kay said...

I had a great time working with Dan on the ''Black Tape'' workshop at MWM studios in Reading today !

Dan is a great photographer, with professional attitude, creative ideas, good communication, respectful to model at all the times, and is so easy and pleasant to work with ! He has a lovely personality to match as well, which makes shooting time enjoyable ! Highly recommended to all models to work with !

Thank you - Tina Kay. xxx

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