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In short
I'm working full-time with motion since 2014. Photography is my side passion, which I wish to push further and organize better through this site. That means I have no other agenda than quality, boldness and making model's and MUA's justice.

I highly respect all creatives time and expertise, so be sure I'll treat my part seriously. I'm empathetic towards others goals and struggles, and will always do my best to make all involved feel appreciated, respected and get value from the session.

I'm interested in storytelling through portraits, I'm fascinated by movement (but it's not essential for movement to be present on all of my photos). I don't mind more "standard" portraits, but I'd like to avoid temptation of only shooting beautiful people in beautiful light while just looking into the lens. I'd like to push myself and my viewer further than aesthetics.

Can't wait to work with some of you! Stay safe, have fun!

Not so short

Had this website recommended as a good way of finding collabs and work. I'm currently interested in collabs only (TFP).

I'm a full time one man band motion creative and comms strategy thinker, former journalist too. Photography never been and most likely never will be my primary source of income and I like it like that. Not pursuing to be paid.

I want to push myself and create meaningful stories through images. It's tempting these days to shoot a lot of beautiful people in beautiful light, staring into your lens. There's nothing wrong with it and I could spend days just browsing such stunning images, but as I'm free from making it for money or position in the industry, I want to try and push myself for more storytelling.

I don't mind more "standard" portraits too, but not as the only goal of the session.

I see lots of borderline cringy FAQs, lots of obvious requests from models; I hear of models/artists bad treatment and abuse. I'm close with few pro photographers and fashion models and their thrilling stories. All below should go without saying, but to be clear:

- when working with MUA/model, all parties will have to agree on each photo any of us want to publish
- I bring my A game to top of my ability - I research, discuss, test-photo locations if I can, discuss, will be present, won't give up if something goes wrong and bring healthy bisquits
- you can edit, crop, sell the shared photos or do whatever you want with them - just tag the author (and MUA if they want to) [or untag if I kindly ask you to]
- kindness and professional attitude is the motto of all involved

I'd like to work with the attitude to create how photo feels like first, not how it looks primarly.
I'd like to be very conscious about colour science.
I'd like to touch on socially important subjects.
I love working with motion, especially dancers.

I'm not the best in directing for industry-standard poses. When I see one, I'm confident to give quick and clear direction on how to improve it, but I don't have a set of 30 memorized poses in my mind at request. That's something I learn to add to my skillset.

Nudity only for very specific reasons and with someone I'm comfortable with.
No BDSM oriented on humiliation or age play.

Hope that's "Hi" informative enough, for a start Smile
Looking forward to working with some of you!

stay safe, have fun

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