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Jack Dakota has 7 references; 7 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 0 no-shows.

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Pawel Ten

Great photographer. I am looking for next photoshoot with him.

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Our paths finally aligned after a long time in the planning stages.

First shoot with Jack, plenty of pre coms beforehand Great friendly guy, gave guidance but was equally happy to try out ideas.Warm easy going professional guy, would happily collaborate again in the future, just hope it doesn't take a long to plan out next time. Recommended

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Ashley Hayes

Jack was very professional and made me feel comfortable straight away. He was easy to work with and knew what shots he wanted.

Un luck some photographers, he was very quick to reply to my emails and answer my questions. As a model this helped me gain confidence in him and me to be able to organise the shoot quicker than I would have been able to if he had not replied sooner.

Would work with again in the future, and would definitely recommend to any model.

Ashley Hayes

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Tommy Raul Tucker said...

I worked with Jack last year and his professionalism is brilliant he made me feel so comfortable for my first nude.shoot, there was never an awkward silence you get with people you don't know, I would definitely work with him again.

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I really liked to work with Jack ! Professional and friendly.

I am happy to work with Jack again .

Kind regards,


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Thomas Peters

Jack is a very calm and pleasant person to work with - also full of fun and ideas too.

He is a cheerful person to work with and is good at communicating his thoughts for ideas. He had certain ideas that he wished to cover, yet also allowed input from me into the shoot (props / outfits etc).

Great fun shoot and would love to work with him again in the future.

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Hurts47 said...

Shooting with jack was my first full nude shoots so i was unsure what to expect and little nervous, but as soon as i started talking with Jack all that went away, he has a great ability to put the model at ease and make it more than 'just another shoot'. I left the shoot feeling more confident than ever.

On the shoot jack is relaxed and laid back yet at the same time very professional and knows exactly what he wants from the poses and the shoot overall yet he always values the models input which again makes you feel at ease.

Overall Jack is relaxed,laid back,very professional,easy to get along with and understanding. He keeps in regular contact never dropping you in the dark from initial contact through to the shoot and after keeping you up to date with how his editing is coming along.

I had a fantastic day with Jack, i would highly recommend him and am very much looking forward to working with him again next year if the opportunity arises.

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