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Luciana Petrossian Makeup Artist

Last week I had the pleasure of working along side daisy on a bridal shoot.

It was so lovely working with another makeup artist, we were chatting all day exchanging tips and experiences. Daisy's work was flawless and she was a great addition to the shoot. I hope to work with her again!

100% recommend!

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I worked with Daisy last year on a shoot with Karen Helle and she was fab!

She's really chatty and enthusiastic about what she does and I'd love to work with her again.

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Retro Rob

Well what a professional MUA Dasiy is watching her transform my collaboration partner today Fitnude was a work of art!

Punctual professional and lovely friendly character that's Daisy Bright!

Rob :-{>

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Had a shoot with Daisy doing the make up for herself, very talented and followed the brief well.

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Positive day and arrived on time even though model was 3 hours late.

Worked so very quickly as we only had less than an hour and studio booking was for 4 hours with a strict finish. Very professional and helpful and worked quickly. Would definitely work with her again. Great improvisation as used her for model beforehand.

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Sandra Parsons

I have worked with Daisy as a model and mua as she's a talented young lady!πŸ˜€

She and I worked alongside on a Mike Crocshaw shoot in Brighton!

Daisy worked as a mua and she's amazing,ing, talented and very professional

Daisy has become a very dear friend and I love working with her πŸ˜€

If you want an mua daisy is the oneπŸ˜‹

Lovely to work with, great sense of humour

Book her now as highly recommended!😘

See you soon daisy

Sandra x

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i had the pleasure of working with Daisy last week on a bridal shoot with a huge creative team. It was a pleasure to meet daisy and have her do my makeup.

The makeup was beautiful and we managed to get three different looks.

Daisy is such a lovely persons really easy to talk to and get along with, she really understands models as she is one herself which give her an edge.

Daisy is very friendly, talented, professional and funny.

i really enjoyed shooting with her, thank you for a lovely day daisy!

hope to work together again!

100% recommended xxx

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Apas Images

Worked with Daisy on a Bridal shoot in Brighton. We had specific looks that we were seeking to achieve and the numerous looks were no easy task for an MUA to manage the workflow between the 2 models. We were on a tight timeline and Daisy made sure we weren't kept waiting, what she achieved in the time allowed was both amazing and definitely worked to the brief.

Really easy going on set, creative and an effervescent personality.. if you want an MUA, what else do you need. Highly recommend.

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Marc Prior Photography

I had contacted Daisy, originally to assist, with a second mua on a film based shoot. As the shoot had been in planning for almost a year, getting Daisy up to speed was a priority. I needn't have worried, her coms were amazing and even with limited information she grasped what I was after exactly and had a few ideas to add after a couple of days!!

Daisy arrived on time and was straight to work. Her kit was well laid out and stocked with everything that was required for the shoot. While applying the make up Daisy was able to easily understand exactly what I wanted and applied the make up quickly and efficiently, which cut down waiting time and increased shooting time!

I would highly recommend daisy as a make up artist as she is a lovely person and highly skilled. Thank you again for helping out on this shoot!

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Sandra Parsons

Daisy is the most talented make up artist!

We worked together on a big shoot on Friday and it was full on!!πŸ˜ƒ! Daisy worked so professionally has amazing skills with fabulous ideas! I love working with her and our work together makes a fab shoot!! πŸ˜ƒ

Daisy is such a lovely girl who never tires and keeps a beautiful smile!😘

I will definitely be working with Daisy again! Either as a MUA or as a model!!

Daisy your a star!😘

Thankyou for an amazing day πŸ’‹

100%recommend Daisy book her now!

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Artemis Fauna

I got to work with Daisy a couple of days ago during my shoot with Mike Croshaw at the Buckle Factory Studio.

Daisy did great make-up and was such fun to work with! Laughing and energetic all day- and of course, producing some FAB make-up looks for us all too!!

I hope I can work with Daisy again one day! Thank you so, so much :) x

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Mike Croshaw said...

Daisy has become my go to person when I need a super reliable, talented MUA for a big shoot. Her comms are always first class, even before a shoot she is putting in the work to prepare properly and on the day she is full of energy and enthusiasm and never flags, even when I throw loads of challenging ideas her way. Daisy is also a lovely kind person and over the course of 3 big shoots now has never let me down once. I'd totally recommend her to any photographer looking for a great MUA.

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Daisy is the most amazing and talented MUA that anybody could have the pleasure to be part of there shoot team.

Infectious personality and a wicked sense of humour she brings fun, smiles, laughter and creativity and style to a shoot that cannot help but create a fantastic shoot.

Daisy range of styles from subtle beautiful finish to wild and edgy look are amazing, her colour blending just works so easily and flawlessly.

Daisy is truly a very very talented lady and i had no hesitation in arranging another shoot with her.

Thank you for being so proffesional but also so much fun

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Thank you Daisy for bringing your bubbly and charming personality to the shoot and your wonderful make up expertise.It was a pleasure working with you and your beautifully applied "MAC" and Bobbi Brown shadows tone, shade and contour the face beautifully. You certainly know your shapes and angles and how to bring out the best in anyones bone structure, Highly recommended to all

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Daisy is a real gem. She did my make up recently for a vintage retro shoot with Retro Rob and C Stevens and I was thrilled with the look. Beautifully applied pro make up with great colour pigments which stayed looking fresh all day despite the weather being a bit sleety! She has a full make up school training and confidently applies make up to suit all looks, faces and occasions. In addition to being a very good MUA she has a lovely personality and is very reliable which is a must when your photographer has travelled half way across the country to shoot with youx

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The talented Ms Daisy Bright.

Model, mannequin , muse or MUA? Who cares? She can do it all. A consumate pro with a great sense of Alt style. Book her.

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And yet one more time working with Daisy, and again it was great collaboration. She created multiple looks, all different from each other, and they all perfectly matched the ideas of the sets.

Friendly, creative, hard working, she is a talented make up artist and I highly recommend her.

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This is my second time working with Daisy and I already knew she is a talented make-up artist who creates a multitude looks within a tight schedule and this was true again. This shoot had two models, and several sets each and she got to work, I think, hardest of the team that day. The results were amazing, and her cheerful and easy going personality made the time fly by.

I am looking forward to work with her again and highly recommend her as a gifted professional artist who has both lots of ideas and the great expertise to put them into life.

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Had a wonderful experience working alongside Daisy at a shoot that took place at Amersham Studio. Daisy is a very talented MUA and in a short space of time has accomplished a lot.

Each look that Daisy was asked to create was done to perfection and she paid great attention to detail and the overall look trying to be achieved.

Daisy also has a wonderful, bubbly personality and we had great conversations whilst my make up was being applied.

I will absolutely love to work with Daisy again in the future and can whole heartily recommend this lady to anyone.

Thank you.

Anna xx

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Just wow!

What an incredibly talented lady Daisy is!

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Daisy on a big team shoot at Amersham Studio this week and I am so pleased I got the chance to work alongside her.

Not only was the make up she did on me flawless, it was timely, precise and very creative! The fact that Daisy had two models to do make up on and with only a short time of being an MUA Daisy was faultless!

I hope to work with Daisy again soon!


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