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River heart said...

Steve is AMAZING! He was my first photographer and have not stopped photographing with him since i was 18! Still in touch, makes you feel etremly comfortable and has a real love for photography. You only have to look at his images! Has a strong eye for detail and brings out the best in your style. I wouldnt be where i am today if it wasent for this great photographer! Your a star! oo and the endless cups of tea and food made by the lovely gill ;) mwahh x

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debbie harrison said...

Had a great shoot with Steve this week,he's so much fun really made me giggle,he's easy to work with and would definitely shoot with him again, i would highly recommend Steve to anyone,many thanks Steve :-)

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Lovely shoot with Steve today, had a great time, he is a very easygoing photographer and has a great sense of humour, had a really great shoot with him, I would highly recommend Steve to anyone and look forward to our next shoot, many thanks Steve :-)

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