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I had an amazing photo shoot with Colin. He was the first photographer in Ireland, who worked with me, I came to Ireland 3 month ago. This first experience was great. Colin is a real professional. As I am under 18 I asked him to bring somebody with him as an assistant and he brought his lovely daughter. He did his best to make the photoshoot save and comfortable.

Moreover, the photos are gorgeous. I’m happy to build my portfolio using them. I recommend you to work with Colin because he is a caring, kind person and a fantastic photographer.

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Olga Solo

I had a shoot with Colin yesterday and it was a really nice experience! He is very kind person and was worry about me all the time! He drive me to the place of shooting and than back me to the bus stop, bought me some fruits and delicious smoothie! Was worried about my comfort and i really appreciate it🙏 We had a shoot in the beautiful park with nice atmosphere, we did a lot of different looks and creative ideas there💛 Photo that i receive are very beautiful and inspiring 🥰 I highly recommend to work with Colin. He is very attentive and nice person, with who you will have very nice time🌼

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Anna Johansson

I had a great photoshoot with Colin on my tour in Ireland, and he is an amazing guy and photographer to work with. He is fun, friendly, laid back and a gentleman and I love his style of photography. I'm looking forward to the next time and I highly recommend him to all models.

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I had the pleasure shoot with Colin this morning. Pre-communication was excellent, he know what he wants. We met at Glenview Hotel Car Park and from there went to locations . Colin is very nice and friendly and I felt comfortable for whole time. I highly recommend Colin for work!

Thank you

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