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Shoots styles

Alternative, Beauty, Fashion, Landscape, Lifestyle, Pinup, Portrait, Promotional and Sheer


Hobbyist photographer, with decent Lightroom & photoshop skills.

Also have basic portable lighting set up (speed lights/stands/umbrellas).

Shooting time limited by full time job / chauffeuring kids about so like to make the most of the opportunities I get.

Looking for TFP opportunities, but I do enjoy studio days if they fit in.

Currently my images are aimed for use in club/l&cpu comps.

Happy to consider having a go at anything :)

I find it a bit daunting on here sometimes when comparing your own work to some of the awesome images that are created, hence I can be a bit hesitant in coming forwards for castings.

For this reason, please don't hesitate to get in touch if you think I might be able to help you create what your looking for!! :)



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