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Revel Lynn

Had possibly my 3rd or 4th shoot with Chris yesterday and as always I loved it. Chris always has great ideas and his work is just amazing! I would happily work with Chris time and time again as you know you'll always get something unique. Chris is one of my favourites i highly recommend booking a shoot with Chris!

Thanks again you gem!



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Rachelle Summers

I had my second shoot with Chris this week and it was just as great as the first, if not better!

I absolutely love his style, in his photography and in his taste in clothes. He got some fantastic images yet again and I just can't wait to see the results from this shoot :D Images from our first shoot are still some of my favourites from my few years of modelling!

He's a great person to work with and treats you incredibly well, he was also very understanding when I had to postpone this shoot due to being ill which I really appreciate :)

Great guy, even better photographer, highly recommended and hope to work with him again!

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Holly Alexander

Had a fantastic shoot with Chris yesterday :)

He picked me up from the train station, and we had an easy going, relaxed shoot. Chris came up with some great ideas, as well going along with what I had in mind too. We had a lovely time, and lots of tea which is always a bonus!

From what I have seen on the back of the camera I cannot wait to see the final images!!

He also has the two most gorgeous cats!

Highly recommended from me, and I will be back xxx

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Luna Mae Alt

Had my first shoot with chris on Saturday after being on eachothers 'want to work with' lists for quite some time :)

Pre communication was fantastic and chris seemed as excited and enthusiastic as I was leading up to the shoot. I was picked up from the station and we shot at chris' house. Chris had a large range of items on hand for me to shoot in. He went out of his way to make me feel relaxed and comfortable throughout the shoot, and made many cups of tea which is always a plus!

Great direction was given where needed aswell as me being allowed to pose freely.

Overall enjoyable shoot and would highly reccomend chris to any model :)

Can't wait for my images and for future shoots :)

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I had my first shoot with Chris at his home studio. We tried a mixture of my ideas and his ideas. He had some great ideas and was professional throughout the shoot. He knows how to achieve great photos. I can't wait to see the images :)

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Nikita Banana

I worked with Chris Sinn on a half day shoot at his home and had such an awesome and creative shoot. Communications before the shoot were great and and Chris had some really cool ideas for for what he wanted to shoot and got some awesome results! I'm so pleased with the images from the shoot and had a great time working with Chris. I would very highly recommend to models.

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Alyx Verschoyle

This was my second shoot with Chris and again working with him has been an incredible oppurtunity. Not only is Chris an outstanding photographer, but he is also very easygoing and reassuring to work with. He has a brilliant approach and understanding of lighting, his communication and direction pre to post shoot is flawless and the speed at which you get the photos back - remarkable!

Ladies, you'd be mighty silly not to! :)

Thanks Chris x

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Amazing photographer, easy to work with. I felt absolutely comfortable with him, and just went through the shoot with flow. Didn't had to wait for first preview from the shoot, and when I saw finished edits it just blew me away. Amazing stuff and I would love to shoot with him soon. Thank you Chris :)

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Alyx Verschoyle

Chris is a talented photographer, who is both friendly and professional to work with. His ability to direct is fantastic, making my shoot with him easily one of the most successful I've had. Looking over the images, I am more than impressed with the results and the timliness with which he shares them. His pre and post shoot communication was flawless. During the photoshoot, I found him to be very accomodating - he was more than willing to adapt to my concerns as a model and the way I am presented in the images. The quality of the work is exceptionally high and I would recommend any model to work with him, given the oppurtunity.

I hope to work with Chris again in the not too distant future.

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Arielle Fox

This guy is great to work with :)!! very friendly with lovely cats too, pre communication was spot on!

Chris has really good ideas for shooting and made sure I had plenty of tea, Chris is also a very talented photographer as you can see already by his work.

Would definitely work with him again and am very much looking forward to see the photos :)

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Cassie Rae

Chris was a fantastic man to shoot with! He really was nothing less than wonderful.

He was welcoming, the perfect gentleman and was a perfect combination of prompting and calm throughout.

His lighting and direction was fantastic and we produced some simply wonderful shots in a variety of styles.

I couldn't recommend him enough, definitely somebody who will bring something to any models portfolio.

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Chris is a fabulous photographer. He is professional in every sense of the word and I enjoyed working him him so much. His specific and unique style of photography is in my deepest interests; I adore how confident and how fantastic he is at black and white imaging.

He is a lovely person, and I enjoyed speaking to him when we were not working.

I would recommend Chris to any model! Highly recommended.

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Rachelle Summers

I had an awesome shoot with Chris on my recent tour.

He has really cool style and absolutely loved his ideas, he made sure he had plenty of stuff to keep us going throughout our full day shoot.

Gave me transport from the station and back, plenty of breaks and a yummy lunch!

His pre shoot communications were fantastic and he was extremely respectful on the day too!

I really enjoyed my shoot with him and found him very easy to talk to.

Would definitely recommend him and hope we get a chance to work together again in the future :)

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Ila Amour said...

I've had an amazing shoot with Chris yesterday ! He is very professional, has lot's of great ideas and just a lovely person to work with ! Highly recommended ! X

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Natasha AK4790

Had a great shoot with Chris last week, he is a very talented photographer and is awesome to work with. He had some cool ideas and I loved what I saw of the photos! Highly recommended :)

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Lily Stark said...

I had a shoot recently with Chris and he was fantastic! Really welcoming and easy to get along with and makes a good cup of tea :)

Very good with direction where needed and love of creative ideas! Some of my favorite images of this year are from the set with did together

Highly recommended ♥

Hoping to work with Chris again in the near future

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Revel Lynn

Had a very fun shoot with Chris last week, He is professional a good giggle and a great photographer. Love my images and hope to work with him again in the future. Highly recommended!

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Alice La Vie said...

Chris is an excellent photographer!!

Had my first shoot with him yesterday in Birmingham, he is very professional and is fun to shoot with. It's always nice to shoot with a photographer who knows what they want and is also fun to hang out with. We got so much done and I absolutely loved the images that I saw! Looking forward to seeing the results & would work with him again for sure.


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Mila Machete said...

Had a shoot with Chris this weekend, and he is just awesome!!

Fantastic set up at his home studio with brilliant lighting. We got some fantastic images, and I particularly liked his infrared shots :)

He makes a mean bagel and cuppa tea, and has the best taste in music ever!

Highly recommended!!!!

Mila xo

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Dannii B

I had a great shoot with Chris, he is very accommodating and friendly!

We got some fantastic images and i would not hesitate to work with him again!

I would recommend chris to any model looking get some wicked shots in their port :)

Thanks again!

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