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Yet another enjoyable shoot with Chloesul at the Fareham Studio. You truly could not ask for more as Chloesul is a real professional. A super model, great fun to work with, and simply ticks all the boxes. Really is second to none.

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Had the pleasure of working with the lovely Chloesul at a studio day organised by Candy Heart.the time flew by Chloesul is a lovely young lady to work with very professional and confident in what she does. Chloesul had ideas of her own. Nice and friendly made me feel comfortable. I highly recommend her and hope to work with her again in the future

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Chloesul - I always mis-read her nom-de-model as Chloe Sol, and having met her, I think the name suites her. She is a fantastic mode with stunning good looks and is world-wise beyond her years. The 2-hour shoot went all too quickly, but I came back with some stunning images. Thank you Chloe - and I hope to work with you again soon. Really recommended model.

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Candy Heart

Chloesul kindly agreed to travel to Scotland to work with me. I hosted a studio day for her which was very successful and everyone came away with great images and high praise for the model.

As well as being really brilliant at what she does, she is such a lovely girl and very wise beyond her years.

Pre-comms with this model were spot on and she really excels at this, you dont hang about waiting on a reply from Chloesul!

Shooting with her is great fun, she was up for my wacky ideas and really knows her angles and posing of her body. She has really gorgeous face and bone structure that photographs so well without any expression but Chloe goes through a range of emotive poses and gives her all.

As a house guest she was polite and easy going, we had a laugh and she really is no trouble at all.

I would certainly work with her again in a heartbeat and really hope too in the future even the distance can not stop us!

Thank you Chloe for just being amazing at what you do and a fabby wee human too! Cx

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Scotty Nicholson

Hi just had a fantastic shoot with this lovely young lady, Wow what a stunning model too . A nice fast changer of clothing and a smile to light up a room , I Highly recommend booking this model a Big 10/10 from me .

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Simon Ng

I had an awesome shoot with Chloe while she was on tour in Manchester. Precomms were great, I was excited and very much looked forward to work with her. It didn't disappoint at all. She was easy and fun to work with and was posing excellently that every shot is a keeper.

We went out for a wonder in the city centre, finding interesting places to shoot and was easy to create great images, can't wait to share these images and the story behind them!

Chloe was great fun to work with, she has lovely looks, should definitely do more beauty and fashion work. I have enjoyed working with her and would hope to shoot with her again very soon. Thanks Chloe :)

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Dag Nammett

This was my first shoot with Chloe, a two hour hotel-based shoot as a part of her tour of Manchester. Pre-shoot comms were excellent, with all of the details in place before the shoot day.

Chloe is very easy to work with, she has a flowing posing style, fully understands working with light (both natural and artificial), has a great choice in outfits, and is a pleasure to talk with. We covered several outfits and themes, and Chloe is very patient whilst lights are being set up and tinkered with. She has great ideas for poses, and takes on ideas well, giving her full effort to every shot.

I hope to work with Chloe again some day, fully recommended!

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Imaginary Revolutionary

My second shoot with Chloesul and once again it was awesome. Comms were spot on and we had everything sorted well in advance of the shoot date. The shoot itself was super-chilled, Chloesul is very easy to get on with and her posing is sublime - we got through numerous different sets and got loads of great shots.

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I had a fantastic shoot with Chloe this morning in Manchester. She was an absolute pleasure to work with as well as being fantastic model - we got so much done in the time we had and most of that was down to her amazing camera presence which meant we were able to move from set up to set up in a short space of time.

Chloe is also a lovely person - very friendly, chatty and makes you at ease during the shoot which helps a great deal.

I would highly recommend working with Chloe to anyone:)

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Really good re-shoot coms -- everything went as planned. Beautiful model with many natural poses and many clothes and ideas. She makes a great cup of tea !

Hope to work again with Cloe in the near future. Highly recommended.

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Finally got to shoot with Chloesul today and it was great... no I take that back, it was awesome. Her comms throughout have been spot on so that when we got to the shoot we were both on the same page. I had booked her into a hotel near the studio so that due to the earlish start, she didn't have to get up at the crack of dawn to make it on a train. She was ready ahead of the agreed time and once we got to the studio was ready to shoot straight away. Chloesul needs very little direction and we captured some great shots and we shot some video between sets that will hopefully become a video in the future.

Definitely a model I would happily work with again in the future and can highly recommend. Can't wait to see the shoot results.

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Chloe is an incredible model, Ive spoken to Chloe for absolute YEARS, and she did not disappoint during a shoot together yesterday !! Beautiful and flawless posing and an all round sweet heart! Thanks babe xxxx

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Had a great shoot with Chloesul, we have been talking about shooting for ages but with it being the new year, we both made it happen! We did a quick shoot with natural light. Chloe arrived promptly on time and brought loads of awesome sets to wear so we were able to film loads of little things. She has great interaction with the camera both in posing and emotion, and was enthusiastic for any of my ideas! Chatty and friendly - very easy to get along with :)

I look forward to editing the vidoe and working with Chloe again :)

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A wonderful shoot with Chloesul yesterday - a great way to start the a new year.

Shoot plan and styling efficiently developed in early comms. We opted for South House Retreat as the location hoping to take advantage of natural light as much as possible.

A quick, cuppa, and tour of the house to re-familiarise with the opportunities.

Then working through a number of sets and styles. Great posing and wonderful ability to portray the moods we were after in the shots. Finishing with a final set in front of the log fire in the living room. The quality of light we hoped for wasn't to be throughout the day, (so ending up mixing with artificial light sources) - next time perhaps.

Do shoot with Chloesul if you can, highly recommended.

Thanks for a wonderful shoot.

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Final shoot of the year and as always a great shoot with the wonderful Chloesul.

With suitcase in yow full of many outfits new and old we set of for the studio with some ideas as a starter. Once there more ideas flowed some from the ones we already had and some new and onectitally out of the blue that worked really well.

As always Chloesul worked her socks off, or at least would have if she'd had any on, always adding her own ideas to mine which always works well for us. Always time for lots of nattering, music and eating between ideas etc

For those who haven't shot with her yet what are you waiting for, you wont be dissapointed.

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I had a privilege working with Chloe and I must say - she is an amazing model and absolutely epic person! From the moment we agreed to work together she was just perfect, all communication was on point and what an unbelievable day we had out and about shooting!!! Chloe brought so much more than anyone can expect into the shoot, she is so easy to work with, looks absolutely stunning and has such a great personality. Can't wait to work together again!!

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Ivy Valentina

Got to shoot with the gorgeous Chloe today after months of speaking to her, and it was so worth the wait!

She is an effortlessy beautiful model switching easily between poses and capturing great shots.

Friendly, talkative and super easy to get along with, I'd highly recommend her ☺️

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Paul Williams photography

I had another great shoot with Chloe this time Nia Gray joined her for a duo shoot

Both Chloe and Nia Arrived on time and worked well together

I love working with Chloe she always gives 100% and we talk through ideas to get the best results

See you soon Chloe for our next shoot

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Paul Williams photography

I just can’t stop shooting this young talented lady

Always on time and such a pleasure to work with Chloe is very versatile and can adjust quickly to poses and set changes

Highly recommend

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My third shoot with Chloesul, what more can I add to the previous references.

If you're looking for a gorgeous, professional model who shows up on time fully prepaired for the session, lovely to work with and gives her all, then you're not do better than booking Chloesul.

Thank you for two hours that flew past.

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