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Stella Star

Well....we just had the perfect day and Richie captured the perfect moments ♥

Pre comms were brilliant. It actually got to the point where we were so excited by all the ideas that we had that we just couldn't wait for the actual day of shooting to arrive!

Richie is professional, funny, caring, attentive, creative and a super talented photographer & editor, seriously credit where it is due.

With a wealth of knowledge behind him, from years of working in the industry alongside big characters, Richie has still managed to remain humble, hard working and down to earth. It was a real pleasure to work with him and would be back in a heartbeat to see what else we could create.

Highly recommend.

LJ x

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Levi J model said...

Amazing photographer with perfect eyes on details, Creates classy, hot and beautiful images. Loved working with him.

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I worked with Richie at photographic training event in May, and it proved to be a highly entertaining and awesome experience! Richie was an inspiring presence for everyone at the event, and he knows that a happy model = good images, something that he places a lot of emphasis on in his training sessions! I'm very excited about working with Richie again in the future, and I highly recommend him x

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Hannah Richm said...

I love working with Richie! He is amazing, such a fantastic photographer and has the best personality ever! The results were fantastic and I can't wait to work with him again!

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Model Natalina said...

Meeting and working with Richie has been a pleasure!! He is such a lovely, kind hearted man. Cheeky and fun to work with too :D we had a blast! Pre comms were fab! We met for lunch before our shoot where we just clicked and had a lovely afternoon which ment our shoot had lots of personality and fun. Richie made me feel comfortable and helped me learn/work with my weaknesses. I very much look forward to our next shoot weve been discussing. I'd recommened Richie to anyone! He's helped me re-gain my confidence coming back into the model industry. Thankyou so much Richie, so happy our paths crossed, you've become a great friend and someone to turn to for advise. You really are lovely. Speak soon!

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Josephine Jones MUA said...

Wow! What a wonderful photographer! Richie's organisational skills and attention to detail before, during and after a shoot is like no other photographer I have worked with in Wales. He is 100% professional at all times and I really admired the way he directs models. During our shoot Richie was very helpful, welcoming and friendly. I'm looking forward to future projects together. Highly recommend!

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