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Curvaceous Lola

Had my first shoot with David, he’s a lovely guy. Got some great images defenatly recommend xx

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Charlotte Ann

Had a great shoot yesterday with David, communication was 100% before and after my shoot. Felt very relaxed and at ease as David is very friendly and down to earth, fun shoot and would highly recommend :-) to everyone. Looking forward to receiving my images and working with David in the future xx

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Felicia Grace

I had my first shoot with Chesterman and it was a pleasure to meet such a lovely man.

He was very professional, welcoming and chatty. I felt at ease throughout the shoot and would highly recommend working with him. :)

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Had very nice and easy shoot with David. Arrived on time with plenty of ideas. 2 hours flew by like two minutes. Will look forward to our next shoot in June. Recommend to others 😊

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I had my first shoot with Chesterman on Saturday. I say first shoot as I will be working with him again. David is very much a gentleman, he made me feel at ease and there was no pressure or rush. We worked really well together and between us created lots of good images. I left feeling very positive and enjoyed the company/ hospitality I received throughout the shoot. I recommend Chesterman to models like myself who don't just want to rush through pictures and enjoy the company and feel good factor.

I intend to work with David on a regular basis.

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Chloe Welsh

Worked with David twice in a week!!! He is a pleasure to work with.

We hit it off straight from the start. Excellent communication and very relaxed.

I will definitely be working with Dave a lot more.

Really genuine, down to earth photographer. Great company too :)

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Bella 11

I had a lovely afternoon shooting with Chesterman on Friday. I felt at ease from start to finish and we got through a lot of great shots together. We already have lots of ideas for more work together and I look forward to the next shoot. I recommend Chesterman to all other models looking to work with a photographer that is easy and comfortable to work with and has lots of ideas.

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