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Designer Photography

I first worked with Chelsey about 2 months ago and simply loved her look, so couldn’t wait to shoot with her again.

She was patient with our pre shoot communications, as I wanted her to work with my favourite mua Jasmine Elizabeth.

On the day she arrived pretty much on time and then worked tirelessly on a series of different sets. She is natural, relaxed and easy to direct, never complaining during the endless changes to backgrounds and lighting.

We achieved some wonderful results even managing to shoot outdoors during a break in the rain on a very wet day.

Chelsey has to be one of my favourite models at the moment, highly recommended.

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Adam Richards

1534032000Did not show up.

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Designer Photography

Pleased to have been able to work with the very beautiful Chelsey in the studio today.

Pre shoot comms were great and she arrived pretty much ready to go. She has a serious and mature outlook to her modelling and while she has not done very much studio work, she required only light direction here and there. We worked on some different outfits in differing lighting conditions and got some great results, I think we were very pleased with. Chelsey has a wonderful look with beautiful hair and eyes, so it goes without saying I have no hesitation in recommending her.

Lovely person, brilliant model, 5 star.

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mkphotography2cc (Booby102)

Had an absolute blast shooting with Chelsey on location. Effortless posing and takes direction well too. She's a natural in front of the camera. Already planning the next one. Thanks for a fun and fab shoot Chelsey :)

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Images (Ray H )

In response to a casting by Chelsey we had a local shoot at Image Red. This young model has the instinct and ability to make any shoot flow. Easily directed and a bubbly personality .The natural light studio was spot on for our needs .She was great. keen to make the best of our two hours. I recommend Chelsey to members as an attractive and enthusiastic model . For someone new to PP she was so natural. Many thanks for a great shoot Chelsey ,hope we can repeat the experience .and get creative. Ray H

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