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replied to a casting that chelsea put up and discussed a few ideas that we both had and settled on a halloween theme, used two locations and had a really good shoot, chelsea was patient with me while i set up some of my strange set ups i use, she took direction well and posed herself superbly! cant wait to work with her again very soon!

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LOM Glamour

Just back home from a lovely fashion shoot this evening with Chelsea at my studio in Warrington. I had answered a casting call that Chelsea has put out earlier in the week looking for local photographers to help build her portfolio.

Since our initial contact a few days ago, Chelsea's pre shoot communications have been superb, with us discussing what her first studio shoot would entail. I collected Chelsea and her sister Gemma from her home.

Chelsea came well prepared for tonight's fashion shoot, bringing a great selection of clothing. For someone having their first studio shoot, I was impressed how quickly she settled into tonight's shoot and within minutes was posing well and enjoying herself.

Chelsea is a lovely young lady, very respectful and polite with a great personality.

I look forward to shooting with Chelsea in the near future.

Stew :-)

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