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Grace A

My first time working with Charlie and I cannot recommend her enough.

She was cheerful, positive, and really made the shoot fun. Also her skills as a MUA cannot be faulted - she turned me into a human painting which required both skill and creativity.

If you get the opportunity to work with Charlie - you definitely should, you won't regret it!

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Jay Chamberlain Photography

I can highly recommend and praise Charlie for the wonderful Makeup for my Runaway Bride photoshoot. Makeup colours, detail, natural and a true form of beautiful art. Thank you!

Jay Chamberlain Photography

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I really enjoyed Charlie Long's Golden Bodypaint event on Monday evening. I had an amazing time! 😀

She was very welcoming and professional and everything was planned to perfection 👌🏾

Charlie briefed everybody at the beginning of the event to make sure we were all happy with the organisation of the event and made sure everybody understood the format and equal participation to make sure it was a fair and pleasant experience for all.

Had a right good banter and plenty of laughs! By far one of the best people I've worked with.

Hope to work with you again soon x

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I have worked with Charlie on a number of occasions where she has been both a MUA and on one occasion the model. Our most recent collaboration was last week when Charlie did the make-up for a shoot with Angela Barnes and Liza Marie (Experienced Model Luuluu) styled as a Queen of Hearts shoot with one Angela's amazing hairpiece creations.

Charlie's work is always impeccable. Coupled with that she is also a thoroughly lovely person who will always contribute her own creative ideas and suggestions into the mix.

I love working with Charlie and cannot recommend her highly enough. :)

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I had the great pleasure of having a shoot with Charlie. with a couple of set pieces that had wonderful head pieces and she did a wonderful job on several different looks over the course of the afternoon giving the model some fabulous looks. Charlie is such a lovely person to chat to and we worked very well together to produce some great images. I really look forward to future collaborations, with her.

for all you photographers out there make sure you work with this lady if you get the chance. ;)

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Bm photography

Charlie had organised a feathers theme workshop she was the MUA and model. Working with Charlie was great she was skill full and amazing at working to the theme, I will 100% recommend working with Charlie to any one. Hope to work with her again soon.

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Angela P Barnes

This is my first Photoshoot with Charlie as a Model. I am totally smitten by her expertise as a part-time professional Model as she specialises as a Make-Up Artist on a full-time basis. Charlie had created her own look for the shoot with a Stunning long blue dress and strapless design. It complimented her Jewels on her forehead and make up superbly for a 'Woodland Nymph' theme. Charlie came to me and we had brilliant communications during this time, from texting to visiting to try on the headpiece designs. At all times, Charlie was a real pleasure to work with on this shoot. Our Photographer on the day was Joe Lenton and I was able to get some lovely BTS shoots of them both to treasure. We also got Published! Iceni Magazine front Cover with one of the Headpieces I created as a 4 page spread and inside Guild Magazine (Issue 13 Volume 3)! :-)

My role was able to create 6 hairpieces for this theme (however, not all were used, but it was great to have the flexibility and could be used on another event). A 'Butterfly Bracelet' I created, which complimented Charlie's own Tattoo's on her arm in the same theme. Also, I created hairslides with butterflies added for an even softer look. I was also their 'Assistant on the Day' and was able to work on Charlie's hair extensions with my fingers to get the right look.

"I cannot recommend Charlie enough for your Photoshoots for her Modelling and as a MUA".

Looking forward to meeting you again in the foreseeable future Charlie as it was a real honour and priviage to work with you :-)x

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Brilliant, Charlie is an amazing person, full of ideas and really easy to get on with. Charlie's work is excellent, and I am going to be using Charlie again on some up-beat interesting new projects- very creative and i would highly recommend

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Georgia Grace

WOW. This girl is amazing. First of all, the contents of her kit is amazing. MAC, Urban Decay etc. The way she did my makeup was perfect for the shoot. She's friendly, chatty, punctual and professional. She even stayed with me throughout the shoot so I wasn't on my own. Couldn't recommend her enough xxx

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