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Charles Lemaire photographer has 17 references; 17 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 0 no-shows.

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Professional, very organized and respectful, it was a pleasure being part of Charles's universe. I very much look forward to more shootings together. See you soon.

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Faustine Poe

I had a great time shooting with Charles. He's really easy to work with and friendly. I hope to shoot again with him

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I received beautiful images and had a wonderful time. I couldn't ask for more, and would love to work with him again!

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Sara Scarlet

I had a second shoot with Charles in Gent last Friday. Pre shooting communication was excellent, I knew exactly what to bring and what to do. The shoot was very fast, professional and spontaneous. Recommended!

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Had another great shooting together, always enjoy working with this photographer. his style is special and very natural, he doesn't need "modeling" poses and prefers to see u the way u are, even if u just woke up :) Very reliable and always a great company.

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Very good pleasure to work with Charles, really good work !

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It was an absolute pleasure to work with Charles again. He is such a respectful and thoughtful photographer and person.

I enjoy being part of his creative vision of natural "normal" people with no perfection.

I'd always be happy to work with him again.

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Second shoot with Charles this year, and always a great experience :) He's a gentleman and an all round creative soul.

Always a pleasure!

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Thank u for this shooting! U r a nice man, easy to work with. No need to do the "posing", this photographer is shooting relaxed and natural people, and i like the pictures!

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Diane varo

The fantastic experience, Charles is a proffesional photographer and very good person, he has a good work and more dinamyc, i was stay very happy with our result. I have more like work together new!! It's 100% reccomend.

The shoot more enjoy! Thanks for the moment!!! See you soon. Best hugs.


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Lovely shoot with Charles yesterday!

Pre-shoot communication was just great, and he's a true gentleman and a professional.

Looking forward to see the results!

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Miss Bliss

Charles is Kind and respectful, as well as a great conversation.

Thank you for the shoot!

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NaineLune (Impluna)

Had a great and very interesting session with Charles in Brussels.

Learned a bit more about photography and experienced new things. It was a very enriching moment!

He was very kind and knew exactly what he wanted, and gives good directions.

I recommand him :)

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Charles is a wonderful person and he took very great pics of Nutmeg, Impluna and I during our little Brussels trip :-)

Very professionnal, interesting person, kind, polite ! Everything you can expect for a photographer.

I love the fact that he only uses argentic camera because the result is always special compared to digital camera.

Very highly recommand !! :-D

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I had a great shoot with Charles.

He's great to work with and he does very interesting images.

The pre shoot communication was great, he knows what he wants to achieve and he's a great artist.

Super fast to deliver restults as well :)

I'll be glad to work with him again at any time!

Thank you!

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Sara Scarlet

Finally had the opportunity to shoot with Charles: great authentic photography and I was really happy with the results! Recommended!

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Charles acted very professionally. He is one of the rare photographers who still use argentic cameras. We chatted a lot about optics (we are both scientists, somehow).

I recommend him.

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