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I worked for the first time with Chanel yesterday as we explored various locations around Brighton.

Although a beginner for now, Chanel worked fantastically thoughout! Lots of energy and such a creative mind, both of which I always enjoy seeing in a model! The places we found allowed us to get plenty of brilliant photos which I am now attempting to narrow down.

I would recommend Chanel to any photographer and hopefully we will get a chance to work again soon! 🙂

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Lee Benham

I had the pleasure of working with Chanel on Saturday. Chanel was very fun to work with and very open to my ideas and suggestions. We got some excellent images together! Chanel came with a friend who was very happy to assist with the lighting. I would definitely recommend Chanel to others :)

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I've worked with Chanel a few times now, she's a great model to work with. Always coming up with great poses and I always get good shots. I've known her for many years now and am happy to tell people that shes great to work with.

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