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LIly CArtier

I think third times meeting with Malcolm, I had breve shoot with him . He’s a very nice person and professional photographer. I would like to have more time shooting with him as he’s a very good director for the models and has an eye for detail. He takes his photography to the next level which I really like and enjoy. The models he works with are looked stunning with a very dramatic costume and headwear. Very tasteful shoots indeed . I would recommend him to all models who want nice images and want to promote their modelling.

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I worked with Malcolm for the first time in a group shoot held in Dorking. Malcolm has a lovely personality, very funny and patient. He made me feel really relaxed when we did the photoshoot. He was very good at directing me on posing and his instructions were easy to follow. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Malcolm and would love to work with him again. I am looking forward to receiving the images which I am sure will be amazing.

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Sarah Fry

I shot with Malcolm at a group shoot in Dorking on Saturday. Malcolm produced some absolutely beautiful images of me and made me feel very safe and comfortable shooting. Also managed to capture my quirky personality. He’s a lovely person with great humour and skills and I’d highly recommend to any model. I can’t wait to shoot with him again!!

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Jenni JJ

Malcolm is an absolute gent and super company and great photographer and basically the reason that we do this! he was lovely company, respectful and interesting and he loved my dog! Winner as far as I'm concerned!

It was a pleasure to work with him and I wholeheartedly recommend him to others!

Please come back again!


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Barney Douglas

A huge thank you, Malcolm, for your input to my final group shoot and once again an absolute pleasure to see your contribution.

The models with whom worked all seemed to be thoroughly enjoying themselves and I cannot recommend you highly enough.

Best wishes for the future - I do hope you have every success.

Highly recommended.

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Elle Farran

I had a great time shooting with Malcolm for the first time at a group shoot last Sunday. I a thoroughly enjoyed the shoot and his happy and bubbly demeanour allowed me to relax and model comfortably. We created some dance shots at his suggestion and the outcome has resulted in some spectacular shots. Thank you! Would definitely recommend.

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Dark Horse

Wonderful to shoot with Malc again. He is talented, has plenty of ideas and a lovely chap and always delivers wonderful work. I've shot with him before and I look forward to shooting with him again.

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Far Forest Studio

We were pleased to welcome Malcolm to our studio today and we hope it will not be his last.

Perfect guest who was a pleasure to have here, making a lovely impression with everyone, especially my wife. Unfortunately he forgot to take her with him when he left.. so he has to return. :-)

Highly recommended to any model or studio.

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Miss Rosie Lea

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting and working with Malcolm for the first time when he attended Tabitha Boydell’s Pre Raphaelite inspired photography event yesterday.

Malcolm and I clicked immediately and I could tell from the get go that he was going to be super easy to work with and a lot of fun! Malcolm is indeed warm, respectful and enthusiastic, and all in all a joy to shoot with. He is fit to burst with wonderful, unique ideas and his photography is beautiful.

I’d recommend Malcolm to others without hesitation and I hope to work with him again in the future. Thanks so much Malcolm 😊

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Saffron W

I had the pleasure of working with Malcolm on a Tabitha Boydell workshop with a Pre Raphaelite theme. He was very friendly and professional, which made it very easy for me to pose comfortably. He had plenty of ideas and gave good direction, but he also allowed me to pose freely.

I am sure the images he got will look incredible.

I would highly recommend Malcolm

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Abbey A

Campbell Digital was one of the photographers at a workshop I was lucky to be part of.

He is incredibly keen to get the best from the model and interacts with a real positive energy.

Good command of space, light and subject as well as secure knowledge of his cameras.

Fab to chat with too and puts you at ease.

Thankyou so much! Recommended.

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It was a great shoot. Malcolm came exactly on time regardless complicated location. He is a very professional photographer who knows how to get good results. Time went very quickly and I enjoyed every minute. Would definitely work with Malc again. Certainly, highly recommend.

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Irida S

Was great to meet and work with Malcolm at Modelography’s recent location workshop near Reading !

Malcolm is very energetic, passionate about photography with lots of knowledge :)

So down to earth , professional and easy to work with !

Very happy to recommend to other models and hope to work together again soon


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Lovely to see Malcolm again on my natural light and speed lighting workshop. He is always a great asset to the group, and very fun to have around. He really added to the dynamic of the group on the day and helped make it a much better experience for him being there. He very kindly loaned me his reflector as well! Would 100% recommend Malcom to any model to work with.

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Finally got to work with a fellow photographer friend but this time with me as a model for the charity photoshoot day.

It’s always a pleasure working with malc he’s always so cheerful and offers great directions as well as allowing me to free pose.

Malc was happy to work on ideas I had as well as his ideas.

The images look great and looking forward to the next time we work together.

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Malcolm was 1 of 3 photographers on the Halloween shoot . What a lovely friendly guy he is. We had fun working together and came up with so good ideas to try. Malcolm looked after me the whole time making sure I stayed dry as it was raining and making sure I didn’t slip in my heels.

I would totally recommend working with Malcolm and can’t wait to work with him again

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Had a great Halloween photoshoot with Malcom. I loved the ideas and creative flair he brought to the photoshoot! He was very professional with a great sense of humour and the photos he produced were great! Highly recommended and can’t wait to work with him again for the Halloween shoot part 2!

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Sarah Fry

Shot with Malcolm at a group shoot and he was lovely to shoot with, very professional and was very helpful in achieving what I wanted to achieve from the shoot. Malcolm has a great sense of humour and will always make a shoot fun! Love to shoot with Malcolm again! Highly recommended

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It was so lovely meeting and working with Malcolm on Sunday! As the event was for a charity shoot Malcolm kindly asked me what I'd like to shoot and was happy to go on with my ideas. He was super lovely and so much fun to be around and work with. Malcolm made me feel comfortable and relaxed at all times, gave some great direction and made sure that I was happy with how the shoot went. I love the two edits he already send and many of the prieview ones. The images show that there was a great connection between the photographer and model.

I can only recommend meeting and working with Malcom!

Thanks again, it was a great pleasure :)

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Jessica Knight

Always great fun shooting with Malc. We Had hoped to use a vintage car for our film noire shoot but improvised with Marcus instead!! To great effect. Loved the theme and the outcome. Looking forwards to the next time.

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