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Had a brill duo shoot (other model elle beth) with Cashman. He is an amazing photographer, we got some amazing images and he is a really all round awesome guy. Recommended :)


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Cashman assisted on a little studio shoot. He's a great guy. Really knows his photography, conducts himself with real professionalism, and I would highly recommend working with him.

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Olga Koles

Had an awesome shoot with Ian yesterday. He was full of creative ideas and created some stunning images. He was friendly and professional throughout, I would recommend him!

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Vicious Poison

I'm really glad I managed to work with Ian during my tour in London. He was asking so many questions before we met! During the shoot I understood why and he shall be forgiven. Ian talks to his camera, puts furniture upside down and occasionally breaks some crockery (wasn't your fault, I know) but you have to put up with him, as he is very professional, talented and lovely person with a great sense of humor. I also learnt some things from Ian, as he is not the only one asking a lot of questions :) Looking forward to future collaboration! Definitely recommended!

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Nina Sever Model

Me and Ian finally had our occasion to work together few weeks ago. We were programming something completely different at first place, but when I saw his casting call for a great editorial idea I wrote to him and I'm glad I was ok as model for this project, because I had a lot of fun, a professional team and a warm mood in a cold outdoor situation :) (everybody took care of me during the outfit changes or when I had to assume uncomfortable poses, Ian's jacket has been really useful :D ). He didn't forget about food and water for a whole day shoot in the woods... and I usually don't take this for granted.

He is gentle and creative, has his ideas clear but at the same time leaves the model doing her job if he trusts her. I could express myself as best through a someone else's story and this is what makes me feel realized and satisfied as model.

I recommend Ian to all the ladies that would love to have sensual and meaningful images and I look forward myself to work with Ian again!


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Viktoria Kohl

I worked with Ian a while ago on a shoot.

He was full of ideas, easy to work with, gives good directions and a nice person.

Highly recommended to work with and

I hope we will work together again soon.

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After bouncing a few ideas around, we had a good idea of what we hoped to achieve from our shoot. I confess to being 1hr late (hugely embarrassing and apologetic) but Ian was cool as a cucumber. We tried a variety of different sets and looks, each trying something new. Ian was a true professional, kindly taking me to and from the station. His work clearly speaks for itself, cannot wait to see the images and would love the chance to work with him again! Work with him if you can :)

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I had the privilege of working with Ian on Friday. Not only is Ian a terrific photographer but also a wonderful person with a great sense of humour. Ian is super creative, professional and a joy to work with. Ian's pre shoot communications have been exemplary!

I cannot recommend Ian enough and I would be delighted to work with him again.

Thank you, Sir. You rock! :)

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Artemis Fauna

I shot with Ian just yesterday at my place for the day.

We focussed on a quite specific theme for the shoot and from what I saw I think we pretty much nailed it.

I pulled out various outfits from the huge wardrobe of goodies and we went from there, throwing clothes, props, wigs and ideas together.

I really, really enjoyed the shoot. It was great fun and very creative- I got to go really mad and loved it! I am VERY excited to see the final results. I think we created something very striking and unique!

Thank you Ian. :)

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Peliroja Stephie

Ian is just awesome! I contacted Ian in regards to a shoot and the next day I was off to his studio. He was a dream to work with and a lot of fun, I felt at ease straight away and we got on like a house on fire. He has amazing ideas and knows exactly what he wants from a shoot and I like to think we nailed every set. :) I highly recommend him to other models not that he needs my recommendation as he work speaks for itself :P

Thanks Ian for an awesome shoot and I'll be back soon to pester you some more! :P

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I met and worked with Ian for the first time, a few days ago. He was friendly and easy to get along with. Ian was professional at all times and had lots of great ideas to try out. He knows exactly how to create great photos and I love the photos I have received so far, from our shoot together :)

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Anitka Mua

I really enjoyed working with Ian last Saturday. Pre-shoot communication was spot on.

He was well prepared for the shoot, friendly and enthusiastic.No pressure with anything and a great team to work with.He was professional and at the same time really approachable and laid back.

Marina our model was fantastic, Donna our stylist was very lovely and professional too. Dream team I would say! It was a great atmosphere during the shoot and overall a very enjoyable day.

I recommend Ian and hope to work with him again sometime.

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Ian is an incredibly talented and skillful photographer. I enjoyed working with him and loved the final results. His b&w work is stunning and I love the way he works with light. Furthermore, he is a nice and an open person, I felt very comfortable and relaxed while working with him. The friendly atmosphere and his encouragements helped me to open up and be myself while posing. Everything about his work was extremely professional. I am looking forward to working with Ian again and would definitely recommend him!

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Had a great pregnancy shoot with great results. Very friendly photography who I easily got along with, very professional with great photography ideas and skills. Very helpful with driving me home and making it easy to get to the shoot to.

Enjoyed the shoot loads and would definitely want to work together again.

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❀ Chiara Elisabetta

This quirky, crazy cat had me crawling around on all fours, tied up with rope, parading around in pink socks, (I fucking hate the colour pink, but incidentally one of my fave EVER shots!) rolling around with Catrina Rose, wearing horns, crunching up lollies like they were candyfloss.. he's hilariously funny & shockingly off-the-wall, which is one of the reasons why I not only love working with him, but also hanging out at the pub, (usually in tow with a rather glamorous Simone) to engage in bizzare & enlightening conversation.

Most excellent! Don't even hesitate.

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Pale Breast said...

I had an excellent shoot with Cashman! He was very fun and laid back, and up for some super cool and interesting ideas! Love a photographer I can experiment with. Ian was great to work with and I would definitely recommend to any model.

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Ifa Brand

Ian was one of the first photographers I came in contact with on this site and we have been talking about shooting ever since. Yesterday we finally joined forces. Ian had some amazing leather harnesses for me to wear and some other styling goodies. Shoot went very relaxed and smooth as Ian is a fun guy to shoot with, great sense of humour and great work dynamic. From what I have seen on camera results will be very pleasing to the eye... hardcore RamBrand-style. Thx Ian! xxx

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Had a fantastic last minute shoot with Ian in Reading. He is great fun and very easy to work with. I can't wait to see the results from our shoot! Highly recommended :D

Akari x

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Stephanie Dubois

Well, what can I say about Ian!?! We had a great shoot.. So many ideas flowing that we only got halfway through them! The tempo was relaxed but productive, and it was all about getting the right image. He is passionate about his photography and that really shines through in the way he works! Ian is a great photographer and lots of fun to work with. I can highly recommend him to any model.

I hope we can work together again soon :)

Thanks Ian!!

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Zara Watson

I worked with Ian as part of a 1-1 session with Andrew Appleton. He is such a lovely guy, friendly, funny, easy going ...a pleasure to work with.

I loved the style of things that we shot and the images I have seen from it are amazing....which he has verrrryy kindly let me use! :D ♥

I love Ian's style anyway, edgy quirky and cool.....my fave! Chilled out & creative, time flies when you're having fun! :D

Brilliant photographer and fab to work with!

I would definitely recommend Ian, a sound, trustworthy guy. I would work with him again without any hesitation. :D

Thanks a million :) x

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