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First shoot with Candi at coach house studio in Kent . Candi was very patient and held her rather difficult dance poses for the diverse group she had . Nothing was too much trouble for her . Highly recommended and I look forward to another shoot in future .

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The Coach House Studio

Candi was booked for a group shoot organised by MK Photography today. She arrived in plenty of time to discuss ideas/running order for the shoot. Candi arrived with a huge selection of outfits to choose from. She has a fabulous personality and is extremely professional, and worked really hard with the group to achieve their images. She is a trained ballerina and produces fabulous dance and movement work.

We highly recommend working with Candi and hope she returns soon.

Thanks again Peter, Paul & Jon

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My 1st shoot with Candi,what a lovely person to work with.

Friendly, well organised, gets involved and is really interested in helping to get the best images.

Great makeup, lots of styles also.

Well prepared.

Thank you, and hope to work with you again.


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Hugh Davis

First shoot with Candi, and thoroughly outstanding. Both myself and the Artsy Lens collaborated on a dance style shoot and approached Candi to work with us. Right from the outset communications were spot on and she was very engaged with the shoot plan we were proposing. She arrived with a wealth of outfits, as promised, which fitted the bill perfectly. Both her dance and modelling skills were very professional and she fully engaged in order to get the shot. It turned out to be a really fun and fantastic shoot, along with producing some awesome images. Both Artsy and myself are already looking at booking and working with Candi again which speaks volumes. Big thanks for everything…highly recommended…

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The Artsy Lens

Candi joined me and Hugh for a 6 hour dance shoot and I’m amazed at Candi’s ability to leap and stand on tiptoes without complaining and had so much enthusiasm. Candi is great fun to work with and she is a true professional who works with you to ensure you get the shot you want. I will definitely be working with Candi again and cannot wait to get some more awesome images. Thanks Candi an amazing shoot 🤗

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Fab model, fab outfits, fab (Austin Powers styled) shoot, fab images, fab day! Totally groovy!

Candi arrived at the agreed time, with a superb selection of outfits, a great smile, and a great "let's give it a try" attitude. She worked hard throughout, and I'm delighted with the resulting images. Can't wait to shoot with her again.

Highly recommended!

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I followed on from DaveB for a shoot where he, Candi and I had J9 studio booked for the day.

I am not going to repeat Dave’s spot on praise but just add:

Wow!; flexible in every way; gorgeous style; passionate and skilled posing; tremendous enthusiasm; hard worker; best fun this side of Clacton Pier.

Roll on next time.

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Yet another cracking shoot with Candi. This time our focus was very much on her ‘kinky ballerina’ character. I have to say I think we fulfilled our self set brief.

This time Candi wanted to produce somewhat more risqué, daring images than previously. Her great looks and elegant posing makes very fetish-y type images look stylish and very cool (in my unbiased opinion)

On top of her great modelling skills Candi is fun to work with, easy going and has a great sense of humour. Not sure whether our ‘Tyrannosaurus bondage’ image will ever get posted, but if it does you’ll see what I mean!

Highly recommended. We scratched the surface of the ideas we had. Looking forward to shoot 4 soon!

Thanks Candi.

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This was my second shoot with Candi and I can say that it was a fantastic afternoon that I thoroughly enjoyed.

We both had a range of outfits and props to use (as always there are still many to carry forward for a future shoot) including latex. The theme this time was more of a fetish look, but also included a balletic style.

I am more than happy with the images that came out of this shoot and Candi works hard to get the look that we both wanted to achieve.

I most certainly would want to work with Candi again and strongly recommend her to others.

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Shot with Candi for the first time today at J9 Studios.

Candi's pre-comms were excellent and she arrived early, fully prepared, with a huge selection of clothes, and a big smile.

We shot a variety of sets in different styles (including, steam punk, film noir, gothic and tech nerd!), none of which phased her and she threw herself into every role with enthusiasm.

Candi is chatty, very easy to work with, and knows what makes a good photo. She is also hard working, very creative, and great fun to work with!

Thank you Candi! Looking forward to shooting with you again.

Highly recommended.

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Orson Carter

A couple more shoots with Mizz L. An a couple more belters.

For several of our shoots we've spent some of the time working on specific ideas on my 'fings I want to do before I die' list. And every single time, Mizz L's input - her experience, versatility, creativity, make up and styling skills, energy and enthusiasm - have been invaluable in helping me to crack the ideas.

Many, many thanks for so many brilliant shoots, Mizz L.

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Shoot Numero Deux with Ms Liquor and myself. This time was more focussed on glamour style images. The weather was on our side, so we ventured out and about to one of my fave spots.

Candi brought some awesome outfits with her, and was up for trying some of the designs that Luxilinge had sent me.

As before, Candi was great in person, looks super, her training shines through in her poses (though we intentionally avoided anything specifically balletic / dance oriented, I suspect it's one of the main reasons people book Candi, so why not show a different aspect of her talents, right?

Yet another cool shoot. I'm delighted with the results, and as and when Candi fancies another trip to the royal borough, she'll be welcome here.

Thanks for coming Candi. Highly Recommended.

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What an amazing model! I managed to grab the last 2 hours of a studio day and yet she was as bright then as if it were the first 2 hours. Fabulous model, amazing posing, stunning outfits: an absolute joy to work with. I really can't recommend her highly enough. Please, please, please shoot with this model :) I will certainly work with her again :) :) :)

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Art Asylum Reloaded Photo Studio

Candi came to do his first ever studio day at the studio and arrived punctually keeping me informed of any delay on her way to the studio.

Her pre comms were excellent and on arrival her bubbly nature shone through straight away as she made sure all the photographers got exactly the shots they wanted.

She is an extremely hard worker and her poses are unbelievable.

Easy to chat to and I can't wait till she visits again which hopefully won't be long away.

If she want an excellent dancer for a model Candi is the one.

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Caroline Julia Moore

This kind of shoot, and calibre of model/dancer does not come up every day! I was delighted to get the opportunity to book Candi for 2 hours on a studio day at the fantastic Art Asylum Reloaded. I have images with poses and costumes that have been on my bucket list for ages! Not only all that, but Candi is a gem of a lady! lovely to work with and we had so much fun. Will most definitely be working with Candi again!

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CJ Visuals (ReadyPlayerDrone)

Had the privilege of working with Candi during a studio day at the Art Asylum and it was a wonderful experience !!

Pre comms were fun and informative and the shoot went exactly how I envisioned it as Candi encapsulated everything I’d hoped for with her dancing techniques and visual style, looking forward to next time 🙂🙌🏻

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Orson Carter

Yes, I know. I've already left a couple of references for Mizz L. But I've had yet another belter of a shoot with her so here's another reference...

Given Mizz L's versatility, creativity, her wardrobe and her first-rate styling and make-up capabilities, it's like having several different models to work with during the shoot. Yet again, I came away with a lovely variety of pics.

Would I recommend Mizz L? Silly question - two more shoots are already in the diary.

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Not half bad.

Actually, boggin' awesome. We've chatted about a shot for a bit, and managed to arrange a shoot for today. In the lead up to the shoot communications with Candi were excellent, happy to swap ideas, a clear, concise and encouraging communicator. Candi promised to be at chez me at 0700. Fat chance I thought. Silly me. At 7 she was outside my place.

Once I'd stopped prattling and we had a bit of an idea what we'd do and in what order, we absolutely hammered through sets. Candi is one of those models who makes taking spiffy shots very easy. Working with Candi is easy, she's a warm person who has a great sense of humour. Not a lot of point in going on about how great she looks. You've seen the images above. If you didn't think she looks cool you'd not be reading this! We didn't really make use of Candi's dance skills, I think we both had other themes in mind. Despite that I'd say Candi's background is pretty obvious. Today our focus was styles from lingerie through various fetish-y bits and bobs. All of which Candi knocked out of the park.

I'm delighted with the raw images and I'm looking forward to getting stuck in and processing them.

Come back soon Candi. But for now, thanks for coming today. Highly recommended and then some.

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Stu Freeman

I was always told if you were going to shoot ballet/dance use a professionally trained model. They don't come any more professional than Candi.

Poses are correct from the tips of her fingers to the tips of her toes on every single shot, no misses, no fails. Every one is perfect just view the results.

Great fun and easy to work with. Simply arranged shoot, give or take COVID. Looking forward to our next meet.

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Orson Carter

And another shoot with Ms.Liquor. And another good 'un.

I've had a few specific ideas on my 'to do' list for ages, but they've needed a model or models who are skilled dancers, who have a great eye for styling, and are excellent with make up. Mizz Liquor is a whizz in all three of those departments, so with her assistance I've been able to work on that 'to do' list.

The latest shoot was another themed one for which her various skills were invaluable. True to form, she approached it with a shed-load of energy and enthusiasm. (And she's reliable and punctual!)

Would I recommend Mizz L? Well - let's put it like this... I've already got a couple more shoots with her in the diary.

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