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Christian Davies has 12 references; 12 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 0 no-shows.

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Bella Star

Can not fault Christian.

Showed up on time, amazing comms leading to the shoot, and very pleasant to work with.

Was a lovely person to model for and work with, combining both of our ideas together which brought out such amazing results.

His photography is absolutely amazing and i fell inlove with the results.

If you get the opportunity to shoot with him, take it. Can not fault his work ethic, overall vibe and ideas.

Brilliant photographer and just a lovely personal overall :)

ThankYou, will defintley love to work with you again 😁😁

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Shot with Chris the other weekend. Had a great time, so relaxed. Had a giggle while creating. Interested in sharing ideas, great shots,nice studio..Looking forward to shooting with him again...would highly recommend .. Thanks Chris!!

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Tempest Star

Wow! I had an incredible time last night with Chris, we spent nearly 5 hours creating some unique and beautiful images. He most certainly knows his stuff about photography and lighting because every image he showed me took my breath away. Chris made me feel relaxed and comfortable enough to share my own kooky ideas and it really paid off. It was nice spending time with him in his studio and I really hope to do it again some time. Models of all experience, threat not! Shooting with chris is a breeze and you will really enjoy yourself in the process

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I had a great afternoon shooting with Chris and his two lovely assistants in some beautiful woods in Essex. Chris had a great idea of what he wanted to achieve - to perfection in fact! Polite, friendly and very considerate through the whole shoot and an absolute pleasure to work with. Highly recommended and would love to work with this highly creative individual again


H x

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Essex Portraits

I have had the pleasure of working with Chris on a few occasions now.

He is a pleasure to work along side. Funny, friendly, professional. He knows what he wants to get from the shoot and how to achieve it.

He is technically brilliant, plans well in advance and has some excellent ideas.

Chris delivers excellent quality images every time. We will collaborate many more times going forward.

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I had a shoot with Christian and Simon Rich Photography this weekend and I had so much fun! Chris was friendly and professional, his pre comms were excellent, and he gave good direction during the shoot, so I can honestly say the results were even better than I'd hoped! He was a pleasure to work with and I would be happy to do so again. He is definitely recommended by me.

Thank you Chris!

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Elle Snowdrop

Christian and I had a really great shoot in his studio in Frinton! Chris is BRILLIANT photographer, he is a complete pro with the lighting and getting the best out of each shot. Throughout the shoot he was friendly, respectful and a good laugh too. His positive approach really allowed us to get the most from the shoot and we managed to cover a great selection of looks. I love the photo I have already seen and I really can't wait to see the rest of them!

I am looking forward to working with Chris again in the future and more than recommend him to anyone lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with him!

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I really enjoyed my first shoot with Chris! We worked together for a whole day and it was great! Pre-shoot communication was excellent. When I arrived to the studio Chris and his friend Kevin, who also worked with us, helped me with my heavy bags. Chris has a really nice studio, very comfortable and warm. It was great to use the smoke machine :) Our shoot was very relaxed and I really had fun. Chris is professional, easy to work and his lightning skills are amazing! We managed to do 2 sets in the studio and one outdoors and the images from our shoot are so beautiful and colourful! Chris is a very good photographer and I highly recommend working with him :) I hope it will be possible to work together again :) Thank you so much!

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Yaay!!!had a shoot again yesterday with Chris and oh boy I had massive fun.

Christian has a studio in clacton next to his art gallery very spacious and beautiful with a variety of backdrops.

We did some body scapes and artistic nude images. And the images are exquisite he is very brilliant with his lighting set ups.

I higly recommend him and would love to work with him more and more.


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Beth Smith

Christian is very skilled with photography and you can tell it's his absolute passion! The lighting set ups were amazing and he is incredibly creative with his idea's!

Christian had already thought about location and the exact place he wanted to shoot before I had got there, this meant I didn't have to lug around a heavy bag and walk around for hours sourcing a location. He was extremely friendly, made me feel completely comfortable and was also great at giving direction when required.

I recommend Christian highly and would love to work with him again.

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I met Chris the other day when he worked with Naledi and it was a pleasure to meet and speak with him. Although very new to model photography he is clearly a talented photographer and I suspect will learn very quickly and go on to create so truly inspirational work with professional models.

I am looking forward to going over on his invite to check out his studio facilities as it sounds superb and could well be what this area has been crying out for in a long time. Since I closed mine many years ago now in-fact!

First impressions, highly recommended to models and fingers crossed after I have seen his studio, to photographers needing somewhere decent to work in locally too.

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Wow...What a lovely shoot i had.

I applied for the casting call Chris put up and luckily i was choosen as the model and I am very happy it happened.

We went to a woodland location which has the most beautiful vegetation i have ever seen.

Christian was very good with his lighting and photography skills.Every image we took told a story.

His concepts were also mind blowing and you could see he was enjoying what he was doing.

It was a very lovely experience since i have never in my life been in the bush in the evening.Chris was a gentleman and made show im not cold ,hungry or scared.

This made both of us comfortable and the end product was awesome.

I am looking foward to work with Chris again.

And he is highly recommended.


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