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Bryan was professional and a good natural photographer. He understand fashion from his extensive experience and was able to translate that in our shoot.

There was no over planning, all images were done with natural light which was also very impressive. He is great at capturing a good fashion Image.

I would definitely recommend him!

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Bliss said...

I recently had my first shoot with Bryan

What a great experience :)

A very professional photographer who is reassuring and relaxed. I felt immediately comfortable around him and I'm very pleased with the images.

I can defiantly recommend working with Bryan :)

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Having met Bryan years ago I finally got to work with him and what a pleasure,great photographer creates amazing images and truley a pleasure to work with.I hope i get the opportunity to work with him again in the not to distant future -

Ang xx

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Natasha Felix

I had my first shoot with Bryan on Wednesday, he picked me up on time and we had a nice little chat on the way to the location.

He made me feel 100% relaxed and I think we had a great shooting session.

The pictures he sent me are amazing and I think we achieved everything we both wanted for the shoot!

Bryan is a wonderful guy and really funny! I want to shoot with him again and again!

I definitely recommend him!!!

Thank you for the awsome shoot.

Nat x

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I had my first shoot with Bryan and another photographer (nigel68) at Bryan's home. It is a beautiful location with so many prospects for shooting in.

Bryan was welcoming and friendly (Makes a good brew too!) and had some great ideas for shooting at his. Bryan was professional and relaxed about shooting and was an all round great shoot! I really hope to work with him again

100% Recommended

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Marianne Di Vine

What could possibly be said about this chap? Ok, we'll begin with my arrival and getting lost and how he calmly let me know where I needed to be going.

Upon arrival, he diligently fed the caffeine whore her required intake of coffee, at which point we proceeded to our shoot location.

Right from the offset, Bryan made me feel comfortable and not in the least bit threatened, ensuring that he got 100% from me. We worked through multiple outfit changes and he was amazingly good at balancing direction and allowing me to do my own thing.

The way in which he captured shots just right on the back of the camera was phenomenal and I cannot wait to see more, as I LOVE what we have already created.

If you get the chance to work with this man,... Count yourself very lucky :D


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Had a great shoot with Bryan. He is very professional, easy to get along with and friendly. He also, made me feel comfortable and was welcoming. We managed to go through quite a few different looks in a short period of time. From what I saw the results are excellent. Thank you for a fun and relaxed shoot.

Hope we can work together again in the future and will definitely recommend to all.

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I had a great shoot with Bryan last week - he is so easy to get on with, so it was a fun, relaxed afternoon and we managed to get through all the looks we were shooting in no time at all (despite my faffing about!) :) Highly recommended - if you are lucky enough to get a chance to shoot with him, grab it! I absolutely love the images too... thanks Bryan!

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Carliegomez said...

I had my first shoot with bryan today, he made me feel welcome and was very calming as i had difficulties with my sat nav. We shot some great imgages in a short space off time. He waz helpful, made me feel comftable and in general just a lovely man a a great tog. Highly reccomend him. Thanks bryan x

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Araneae Mactans

I worked with Bryan years ago and enjoyed every shoot. We always got great images. Today I feel was no exception. He is relaxed, makes great tea, knows exactly what he wants and how to get it. If you are lucky enough to get the chance to work with him, I can certainly say you won't ever be disappointed. I hope to work with Bryan again sometime and create more amazing work.

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Had a great shoot with Bryan. He is very professional with good ideas. He is highly recommended a d would love to work with him again.

Natahlia :)

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Had a brilliant shoot with Bryan yesterday... It was fun and he was friendly with lots of ideas

He is Very professional and got some really amazing images

I will definitely work with Bryan again in the future

Looking forward to seeing more of the pics :)

I highly recommend him to all

Thanks Bryan and it was lovely to meet you

Louisa xx

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Neeve Kelly

Bryan is awesome to work with!

I modelled for one of his photographic workshops where he’s was demonstrating some techniques to some new photographers. We started off with some basic portraiture and then we moved on to some art-nudes. It was a very enjoyable session which I felt I gained a lot from.

After the workshop we did a brief shoot, unfortunately we only had time to shoot one idea because I would have love to have spent more time working on some more. Bryan gave great direction and also allowed me to pose freely. Bryan is fun, easy going and knows how to achieve the great results on a shoot.

I would happily work with him again and I would highly recommend him to all models!

Thank you very much Bryan!

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Having long admired Bryan's work, I was very excited when we started communications for working on a shoot together. A truly amazing and gifted photographer (I saw some of the unedited shots on the day and have already received a couple of edited images) but also truly creative and great conversation flowed. Certainly recommended, you will not be disappointed working with Bryan :D

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Helen Stephens

I had such a wonderful time working with Bryan - not only is he an excellent photographer, but also a great person to be around. He's so relaxed but at the same time extremely productive. We got some excellent shots (I've just taken a peek at the unedited ones - and I'm so excited!! Can't wait to see them in all their finished glory!).

Highly recommended and I wouldn't hesitate to work with Bryan again!

Thank you Bryan!!

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Linda J Newman

Bryan is a true professional. He has great knowledge he is wiling to share and able to help with advice. He manages to produce great images with ease. I would recommend Bryan to anyone whether they are starting out or a fully fledged model. Everyone needs to shoot with Bryan!

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Nic Button

Shooting with Bryan is WICKED! I have worked with Bryan on two or three different occasions now and each time has produced great results and been really enjoyable. Bryan collaborates with models really well to get shots that are wow-worthy and stunning! If you get the opportunity to shoot with Bryan, do it! Thanks.

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xdeex said...

Bryan - Is a Truely lovely gentlemen - I have worked with him a few times and still have some of his images saved on my Computer and mini Notebook - Its good to see he is a supportive influance and kind nature shine when you are not at your best - I'm thankful i have met Bryan - anyone who is on PP should book a shoot with Bryan - a talented man with great skills - A thoroughly recommended Photographer x

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