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Bruce has 7 references; 7 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 0 no-shows.

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Emily Savage

Bruce was friendly, chatty and good to work with. We got some cool shots in different landscapes and Bruce kindly bought me coffee, and we went through my images together. A great day.

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Had a fun day shooting with Bruce and felt very comfortable. Great sense of humour and great photos!

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Honey Fox

Bruce is very professional and polite and has lots of different and creative ideas. I would definitely work with him again! Was great fun :)

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Louise hodge

Bruce was amazing to work with ! He is very friendly and easy to get along with. We got some really cool photos and can't wait to work with him again !

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Tezzabell said...

Had a shoot with Bruce yesterday and loved working with him, he made me feel very confortable and has so many great ideas. :D

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Jodie Nicole said...

Shot with Bruce in a group shoot which is organised, an amazing,creative, fun, professional shoot with a fantastic outcome, another shoot organised with him, cannot wait to work with him again.

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Katra said...

brilliant and wonderful artist loved working with him and i can't wait for all the shoots that we have planned so watch this space guys :D

**i have shot with Bruce soo many times now its getting hard to pick out the awesome qualities this man has behind a camera. He works extremely hard planning out a shoot before hand from location to ideas and will work on them as a team with you till you both get what you want.

Bruce is always on time to his shoots and will make sure he is very attentive to his models needs. He is perfect with timing on his shots and will always deliver a great outcome, the work he does on his photographs gives it depth, a great feel of colour and mostly he has an amazing eye for detail. He will also work to the models preference within reason. (we're all a lil harsh on ourselves).

All in all an absolute marvel an a wonder to work with and i feel Im so lucky to be able to work with him whenever i can.

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