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Dove Love

I had my first shoot with Mark today. Mark chose a location shoot down by a river in woodland with some fantastic natural backdrops surrounding us. Mark is such a lovely guy. Very easy to talk to and can have a laugh too. He's an amazing photographer. All of the images were incredible. I honestly cannot recommend him highly enough but if you do get the chance to work with him, take it!

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Eastern Beauty 88

It was a such a pleasure working together. From the first message I knew that Mark is professional and passionate about the photography. His works are stunning and the photoshoot was an amazing experience. I would love to work together again and definitely recommend Mark as a great photographer to work with.

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Natasha UK

I had a great home shoot with Mark at my place, it was our first shoot, and for first shoots, you never know if it’s gonna be an okay shoot or sometimes where you don’t vibe straight away, but for our first shoot together was really good! Mark is so polite and friendly, he’s great to hang out with and takes some really lovely images too! We started with some unique projector pictures, then boudoir, then nude, then hot tub!

Thank you so much for a great shoot, can’t wait for our next one!

PS, you’ve left the remote here for your projector

Many thanks


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After having to cancel my shoot with this lovely chap last week we finally spent this morning getting some great shots.

BristolBlue is friendly and enthusiastic, he was very happy to listen to my ideas and had lots of ideas of his own... we used a few props and outfits and the results, even unfinished were great.

I highly recommend him and am looking forward to our next shoot ...

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Its always cool writing someones first reference!

BristolBlue contacted me, explaining he was new to model photography, but keen to work with an experienced model on some art nude images. We chatted further and arranged to shoot at a mutually convenient location. Friendly and good to chat to, he was happy to let me pose and flow between poses, using the available light.

I was able to give some good advice when working with models (Im sure subsequent references will reflect this) and was able to suggest some useful resources.

Good luck with future shoots- Im sure you will do great! :)

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Daisy Woods

Absolutely loved my first shoot with this lovely guy. Showed up on time ready to start. We put together some great outfits, and got some awesome photo's. He was very happy to hear my ideas and gave great direction, just a fun, relaxed shoot!

Highly recommended

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