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Adam John Photography

Met Bree for our first shoot yesterday. Loads of preshoot comms and we both came armed with a load of ideas, most of which we worked through successfully.

Bree is lovely to work with - great work ethic, fun, full of ideas and game for trying out ideas.

Highly recommended for her personality and agility on the hoop and pole, but make sure she's put on the sun cream the day before!

I look forward to working with you again Bree - thanks to you and Lexi (and Mika) for an awesome shoot :-)

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Had my first shoot with bree, how cool is that one day to arrange and next day shooting, and wow what a model to work with, we got on right from the start, so easy to get on with,highly recommend to shoot with bree, definitely going to have many many more shoots with bree, looking forward to shooting with u again bree; thank u x

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I've worked with Bree on a few occasions now, this time she hosted a pole / fitness themed shoot at her pole studio.

Bree as ever was a delight to work with and the time just flew by and i'm really happy with the images we created.

As you'd expect for someone who owns a pole studio, Bree is very talented and athletic on the pole and if this is something you're looking to add to your portfolio i can highly recommend Bree.

I highly recommend Bree to photographers of all abilities.

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Callum Hanney

Bree introduced me to the modelling scene for the first time about a year ago and immediately made me feel comfortable and helped me a lot.

Would definitely recommend her.

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Had the chance to shoot with Bree at the Map Studio open day, she was great at understanding and helping me with what I was trying to achieve.

Thank you Bree

P.S. Next time I'll remember, high heels can come off when doing portrait work :-)

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Had a short shoot with Bree during the MAP studio open day and covered another different aspect of our work together. I like working with Bree and we always bring something new to the table each time we shoot :-)

If you're looking for an alt model Bree is your girl!! She needs no direction but takes it very well and puts her own stamp on it. Good for all levels of photographer!!

Thank you once again Bree - I look forward to the next time!! xx

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Had a festive shoot with Bree today. Conditions were a little cramped but we got some nice images all in all including a couple of pets and youngsters as a "side thing".

Bree works hard to get the images you are after and is fun to work with.

Recommended :-)

Thanks Bree!!

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DM Photography

I had the pleasure of a great photo shoot with Bree at MAP Studio.

This was the first time we had worked together but due to great pre shoot communications we both knew what we wanted to achieve from the shoot. I would definitely work with Bree again and I highly recommend her.

Thank you Bree for being a fantastic model.

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Worked Bree on her dance set

She is very talented model dancer and would recommend her whole heartedly

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I had a real unusual and fun shoot with Bree today. She is an "alternative"model with a sense of humour to match. she wanted to do "pole poses with a chicken" and knew I would be up for it.

Bree has a wealth of moves and can pull some awesome poses - very fluid and graceful. We got quite a few fun shots. I love her wacky humour - like my own. She has her own set of ideas that she like to get done but also loves to try out other peoples as well. I took a base idea and made a little photo story out of it!!

Bree is definitely well worth booking - you will get some cracking shots for your portfolio.

100% recommended!!

Thanks again Bree - can't wait to see what cool stuff we come up with next time!!

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I did my first "proper" 1:1 shoot last Thursday having shot with her in a group situation twice before. I must say the shoot has been a long time coming (due to my restrictions not hers) but was well worth the wait!! We looked over some outfits and poses and then got to work.

Bree is so easy to work with - a great communicator and makes it easy to put over ideas. She puts the photographer first in achieving what they want and literally "bends over backwards" to me sure you get the images you are looking for. She flows effortlessly from pose to pose needing little direction but taking it easily when given and putting her own identity to it.

I highly recommend Bree to photographers of all levels. If you are a novice she will provide you with a range of poses you will be proud of. Her "athletic ability" is outstanding - she does the splits "upside down" which is no mean feat, and she insisted doing it three times as at first she didn't get her legs "perfectly straight" - that is dedication for you!! She has high standards and pushes herself hard to meet them!

Time flew by and we had a great shoot. I really look forward to working with Bree often in the future - she is great!! Bree, thank you so much for such a good time and for putting up with my sometimes wacky sense of humour!! You're a diamond!!

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Bree is a star!! A model did a "no show" and I contacted Bree last minute - It was already 8:30 pm and she wasn't even home but she agreed to step in without hesitation.

The shoot was "from cold" and we "winged it" but I must say Bree really came through - she is so easy to communicate with and takes direction very well along with having her own range of poses. We did a range of poses from portrait to full length fashion, then some high kicks and onto pretend "super hero" where I can work my magic in post.

We ended up with Bree putting on a clown tie, hat and red nose and "getting goofy with it" and had a great time!! What can I say, we had a burlesque shoot all planned but I bet it wouldn't have been as much fun as we actually had - all thanks to Bree and her willingness and enthusiasm!! I would recommend her to anybody to work with - shes great!!!

Thank you once again Bree - I really look forward to working with you again soon - which actually should be next week!!! Excellent!!

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At the drop of a hat Bree came to the rescue, very short notice shoot but boy what a star! A fantastic model very easy to work with, as it's not easy for me to be heard Bree just hit pose after pose, just brilliant! :-)

Can't add anymore than totally agree with what About the Art has said

Thanks :-)

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I met Bree at a group shoot in a nightclub.

I have great fun shooting her and she truly is an alternative model.

She needed no direction at all and had some very original ideas for poses.

I would recommend Bree to any tog who is looking for something different

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stevey D tog said...

met and worked with bree for the first time yesterday and i must say such a delight to work with and look forward to many more shoots in the future would highly recomend for all togs a true delight for all u alt fans comms skills brill poses and taking direction just cant be faulted i give her ninety twelve outta ten thanks for such fun friendly and very proffessional shoot xx

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jo pendleton

What can i say? ...I had a shoot with Bree yesterday and loved every minuite working with her shes such an inspiration to me.

She's a lovely woman who has so many ideas for our shoots and her poses are amazing! I have learnt so much from watching her model , I can't wait to work with bree again, hopefully soon. I would highly recommend any model/photographer to work with her. She had turned my whole life around and can't thank her enough, Ive also made a really good friend too! Thankyou bree for everything, keep up the amazing work! Your an expert and hopefully I follow in your footsteps one day.

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Had my first shoot with Bree today, it certainly won't be the last.

Bree was a pleasure to work with, clearly an experienced model as she transitioned seamlessly from pose to pose with little or no promoting but responded very well to direction when asked.

I'm already in the process of booking our next shoot.

I would recommend Bree without hesitation.

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love photography 13

Bree was great! This was the first time i had the opportunity to work with Bree. I think she worked really well considering that she was paired with a male model for some rather raunchy shots! She was confident and this came across in the photographs. She took direction well and also had her own ideas that i was happy to explore. Overall i think the shoot went really well and i look forward to working with Bree again!

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Had a great shoot with Bree today, lovely girl and always gives 110%..!! Look forward to working with Bree again soon.!! Highly recommended .!!

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jo pendleton

I had yet another fantastic shoot with bree today! She's such a pleasure to work with, she's amazing at modelling and having different ideas and poses for our shoot together. She gave me good direction yet again, I can't thank her enough for what she's done for me.

I'm so pleased to have met such a beautiful talented lady who I have found a really good friend in.

I hope to work with bree in the near future.

looking forward to seeing our pictures from today's shoot.

thanks again

miss jo xx ☺

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