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Roswell Ivory

I worked with Richie at a fantastic local beauty spot last month. Right from the beginning, communication was clear and I knew what to bring and what we'd be shooting. :) Even with a few challenges in the form of dog walkers, we got some great images! I'd definitely recommend Richie and would happily work together again.

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Sophia West

I can't believe I am only the first person to leave a reference for Richie! He came all the way down to me and stayed at martin g's for the night especially to work with me and I am so pleased he did. It was a long trip for him and a very long days work today and last night, but oh my was it worth it :) Richie was such a laugh to work with, super professional and I cannot wait to see the results and work with him again in the future for his amazing project. We did some video shooting for his music that he writes and some promotional pictures to go along with it and for his album cover. We shot at the amazing abandoned place I know, a church ruin, the beach and rapeseed field, all in one amazing day! We also managed to fit in some studio work the first day he came! All in all, Richie was brilliant to work with, has a great sense of humour, and it was a blast working with the toucans :)

I highly recommend Richie and hope his project gets off the ground and we can work together loads more in the future. Thanks Richie for everything, the outfits you gave me for the shoot are amazing too :)

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Richie came to stay at mine for the night while he was working with Sophia west so he could do some promotional images and video for his new album of music.I assisted him by shooting some images for his album cover and website, and did some video work for him to make a video for one of his tracks. Richie is a talented musician and we had a fantastic day shooting some really creative stuff for him. He was the perfect house guest and very respectable. I am looking forward to hopefully helping him further in the future and seeing his vision take off.

I can highly recommend Richie to models and studio's alike to work with, and he is welcome back to mine anytime.

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