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I'm a hobbyist photographer, hoping one day to make a bit of renumeration from it but I'm not holding out for that. I haven't been doing it for long but I'm learning quickly and I can see myself getting better with each shoot I do. So far I have had nothing but praise from those that have been on the business end of my lense but I will never stop working to make my next shoot better.

I don't get a lot of time to work on my photography due to working full time, but this is something I take very seriously. To that end I keep meticulous track of when I'll be available to fit another shoot in. For details on my availability you can check the calendar on my website.

I'm more than happy for people to bring a chaperone with them, I want you to feel as comfortable as you can be around a stranger, expect some banter regardless.

Since joining PurplePort, not that long ago, I've had a lot of ideas pouring in. Some inspired by shots I've seen on here, others came to me from no where. There isn't a style or concept I'm not willing to give my best. If you have something you would like to try, I'll be happy to give it a shot (bad and unintentional pun, sorry).

If you come to me for a shoot I'll need to know 2 things.

  1. Tea or coffee (and how you take it)
  2. Jaffa cakes or Hob Nobs or other

additionally, talk to me about travelling expenses beforehand and I'll reimburse you. Least I can do.


New addition to my "crew", please welcome Angel-Dust as our permanent part time MUA. She is both a model and MUA, so she knows what it means to be a model. Feel free to request her services and we'll try our best to make it happen.


As to the images below, I more than welcome constructive criticism, I encourage it.

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