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Shot with Everton twice in one month! And hats off to him for making the crazy journey both times so close together!!

Everton is a very easy photographer to get along with! Super chill and relaxed throughout.

even after an 8hr drive with delays and crazy traffic both times, he didn’t let it phase him!

Extremely professional and nothing is too much hard work for him!

Highly recommend him to any level model and can’t wait to shoot with him again (I’ll come to you next time 🤣)

Thanks for 2 awesome shoots!


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Rebecca Tun

I had a second shoot with Everton, this time at my home. We had a lovely, relaxed shoot with interesting conversations. He was very respectful and open to ideas. I look forward to working with Everton again and recommend him to other models.

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I had the pleasure of working with Everton during my very last minute London trip in January.

Everton was kind enough to pick me up and bring me back to London after the shoot.

Pre-comms were great and Everton is fun to work with and a good conversationalist.

I am looking forward to shoot with Everton again soon!

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The Factory

Everton visited the studio last week , sadly we didn't actually meet up this time but his comms' were excelllent and concise and left the studio fabulously clean and tidy.I hope to meet in person on another day, thank you!

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Eirwen L'amour Creed

Had another great 2nd shoot with Everton couldn't of wished for a better place it was a well equipped and stylish in door studio.Everton as always was polite and well mannered and came well prepared with ideas and made good use of all available props and rooms.He showed me the photos as we went along which i thought looked good especially the ones in the bathroom.Everton is a breeze to work with and comms excellent i would highly recommend him.

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I had 3 amazing shoots with Everton and I am very happy with all of them. Everton is an amazing photographer to shoot with ,he always polite, easy-going, and a pleasure to come along with. We managed to shoot both outdoor and indoor and the results are really great. Everton shoots without no rush,and he treated me very well. Time always flies away from us and I really enjoyed all shoots with Everton. He creates a great atmosphere and it is contributed to the creation of great images. I am happy we live in the same city,in London, and can shoot together. Don't miss your opportunity to shoot with Everton

Highly recommended to shoot with, 100%

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I was really happy to shoot with Everton. Despite we didn't have many tike to shoot, Everton was very confident in implementation of his ideas, and we did really great. I do like the way Everton interact with people asking to help us with a shoot, it gave positive vibes to our shoot,so now I have many good memories. Pre-communication was excellent, we discussed the outfits in advance. Everton is very easy-going going to come along with ,he shoots with no rush even if the time is limited. I am really looking forward to shoot with Everton again,he is a pleasure to shoot with, highly recommended, 100%

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The Coach House Studio

Everton came down to the studio for the first time today. A great guy, full of ideas, knows exactly what he wanted to achieve and an easy going, friendly personality.

Highly recommend and always welcome back.

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Cariad Celis

I have recently had 2 more shoots with Everton in the Peaks and I thought I would pop a new reference up just to say........... Yay! yep you guessed it, its another positive reference of course!

Everton is great to work with, he is on time, kind, polite and an to top it off an incredible photographer. He is great company and easy to spend time with creating art, I am really looking forward to seeing what we captured together, I know we got some beautiful photographs!

Thanks for another awesome shoot!

Highly recommended!

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Jenny southwell

I had the privilege of working with this amazing photographer. He knew what he wanted to shoot from the get go, and I personally love when a photographer has a solid plan. We drove up to the Peak District, which was a beautiful location he arranged. I came with my wardrobe and he also provided and outfit he wanted to shoot me in. Showing how much he put an effort planning the day out.

He is bold, adventurous and creative. We both were not afraid to take risks, which was amazing. Everton was completely respectful and made me feel comfortable. As a result our energy was unmatched, therefore our photos looked amazing.

I would definitely recommend him and would love to work with his genius self again!


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Cariad Celis

Finally our dates matched and I am so happy we got to shoot at last! We had spoken for a long time but it was so worth the wait!

Everton is a wonderful photographer, and all round good human. We met at sunrise, literally bright and early! Everton was enthusiastic and ready to roll even after a long drive and we were so lucky as the weather was on our side with beautiful morning light to shoot in. Everton had no fear to get the shot, walking into the sea with his camera to shoot me against the rocks! Honestly such fun if not a bit anxiety inducing! Haha

Everton was great company throughout as well as professional, fun and open to ideas as well as being extremely competent in his photographic skills.

Thank you for a lovely day, I am looking forward to our next adventure already :)

Absolutely Highly Recommended!!

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Had a great shoot with Everton today. Excellent communication and was friendly and personable. Everton is so much fun and laid back and we shot some great stills and video. The shoot time went so fast with us laughing throughout! If you get the chance to work with him - take it! Hope to shoot with you again.

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Nina Jade

I had the pleasure shooting with Everton this past weekend. He was really great with communication throughout the whole process. He left styling completely up to me, and sorted all of the locations out for our shoot. We scheduled our shoot a week earlier but I had to reschedule due to getting my covid jab. He was totally kind and totally understanding to rearranging. We had a early morning start time, he was really kind and laid back. He drove into central London and parked up in all the spots he wanted to shoot which was really helpful. I loved meeting an working with Everton I hope we get the chance to work together again. Im really excited to see the footage captured together. Thank you for a great morning Everton!!

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Anne May

I had an excellent first shoot with Everton. Pre-shoot comms were excellent and we discussed lots of ideas and outfits. Everton was friendly, professional and kindly gave me a ride to and from our shoot location. We shot up to lingerie level and I felt comfortable the whole time. Highly recommended and I would gladly work with him again! :)

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Everton arrived on time and well prepared for the shoot . Unfortunately,due to unforeseen circumstances we had to make some last minute changes to try and maximise the time we had shooting .

We managed to capture some lovely images outdoors with a bit of luck and finally managed a quick shoot within the apartment that was initially planned . Everton remained patient and polite throughout the shoot and is very enthusiastic and a good photographer.

Highly recommended


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Finally got a shoot with Everton after some time of communication and he was a pleasure to work with.

Polite, professional and easy to work with, the 3 hours flew by with some fantastic images along the way. Highly recommended and look forward to working with Everton again 😊

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Eirwen L'amour Creed

Had another great shoot with Everton.I really enjoy the creative element to our shoots and we both share a love of old fashioned style photos. Everton is a good listener and is really keen to get the best shot, with patience and attention to detail.The time went very fast wgich is always a good indication of enjoying the shoot his comms are great and he brought a selection of props which is always a plus i would highly reccomend Everton.

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I had a great shoot with Everton at the weekend. The weather was challenging but the shoot was fun and Everton was very well prepared and a pleasure to work with. Thank you :)

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Rachelle Summers

I had a wonderful time meeting/working with Everton on my recent Summers Abroad Manor Event!

Everton was a little bit delayed getting to us from work but he let us know in advance and when he arrived he got straight into the shoot without any issues :D

He was super friendly and a joy to work with! He gave direction really well and was respectful throughout. Happily recommended by me!

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Summers Abroad

Everton attended our events for the first time last weekend when he joined our UK Manor Event.

We had a gorgeous manor home in the North Cotswolds that had lots of shooting opportunities both indoors and outdoors. Due to Covid-19 we had to separate the shooting areas and basically have a large game of Cluedo,with cleaning breaks in between, to make the event safe and within guidelines. Everton was very respectful of the social distancing and guidelines that we had to have in place.

It was a pleasure to host him! He was very kind and respectful throughout and give good direction to ensure he got something a bit different to the others in his group! He is more than welcome on any of our events in the future :D

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