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I modelled for Dominic 2rd time on camera club night. Quite surprised he isn't sick of me after the 1st shoot lol. Dom is a pleasant to work with but he also made me feel comfortable and great banter conversation. He may have 1:1 session with me, if he's lucky :P . He knows how to use the camera and great understanding of the lights he needs. He will show the back of the camera to see if your happy with the look. I think he has got more silly faces of me than serious looks

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Jessica Wall

This was our first time working together properly and Dom had chosen a fantastic location had great ideas and got some amazing shots. With more experience on directing Dom would be absolutely amazing! overall fantastic to work with and a great laugh but also very professional.

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Worked with Dom on the group shoot for the 1st time yesterday. Dom was so nice to work with communication was good through out the shoot. He had lots of really good ideas and I would definitely recommend to anyone.

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Edie Kino

Had the pleasure of working with Dom (and his magical bag of props) at a Positive Focus studio day. It was a joy from start to finish, he has a great eye and gave valuable creative input throughout which made my job a breeze.

Highly recommended.

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I LOVE!! shooting with Dom , we always have fun and a giggle while shooting .

Hes understanding , polite , funny . he can really throw out a good image from the offset , You cant go wrong with this guy I love shooting with him and cant wait to get back in the studio with him to see what other great masterpieces we can come up with .

100% reccomend

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I had a studio shoot with Dom attending recently. A really friendly and passionate photographer, and he knew exactly what image and style he wanted. very helpful directions given. The images from our shoot are super and I would definitely recommend him to work with!

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Been wanting to shoot with Dom for some time due his great port & low & behold he turned up for a group shoot at Am studio:D He’s super friendly, fun & 110% comfortable to shoot with! He also seemed to experiment with ideas/ lighting etc which was great to see. No doubt we’ll end up shooting one to one at some point so I look forward to that:)

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I met Dom at a group shoot last night, he was lovely, easy to talk to and very professional. He was full of creative ideas and I would definitely recommend him and work with him again in the future :)

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Bobbi Castle

I have worked with Dom twice now at Abbey mill studio. Working with a number of other photographers Dom always manages to come up with something totally different to the rest and the results are fantastic. He is brilliant at giving a model direction to get the shot hes thinking of. All the mages i have seen are just stunning. Would happily recommend to anyone! .... thanks again!

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Stacey louise94

Had a chance to work with dom recently at a group night he got some amazing shots very friendly tog to work with and had some brilliant ideas and produced some amazing pics would defo recomend and would be a pleasure to work with again

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Phillipa James

Absolutely fantastic photographer! Loved every second working with Dom on a photography club night.

Would 1oo% recommend him to any model.

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5arah Jane

Got another chance to work with Dom at the weekend, Dom makes you feel comfortable is such a good laugh really loved working with him again and look forward to working with him In the near future

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I love working with dom, he is amazing with photography and knows very well of the images he wants to create. Dom supplied an incredible mua to the shoot and also supplied beautiful dresses! The lighting set up is fab and the images are awesome! I cant wait for the next shoot thanks again, as always i highly reccomend dom.

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Claire Murray

Another amazing shoot with Dom. Not only is he a really talented Photographer but he also gives guidance on the makeup and hair via test shots to check that it photographs well so that you get amazing photographs.

Dom is really great at getting the lighting and composition just right for the perfect shot.

Not only is he a great photographer but he is a pleasure to work with: fun, friendly, knowledgeable and puts everyone at ease. I cant wait to work with him again and highly recommend Dom.

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Worked with dom 2 weeks ago and im very happy that we got to work together.

Dom is INCREDIBLE.... with everything! Lighting, directions, photography. So much fun to work with aswel as seriousness. The photos i got back are superb very pleased with them. I cant wait to work again! I very highly reccomend. Thankyou very much!

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Rhianna Grey

What a fantastic shoot had with Dom at Abbey Mill studios. Pre communications was spot on and Dom came very well prepared with all the props he planned on using for our shoot. Dom is such a creative genuius and is so easy to work and get along with. Super respectful and a lovely person! The ideas kept flowing between us and Dom always captures every set perfectly. We got some absolutely outstanding first class images from the day which I'm so pleased with.

Thanks again Dom for such an enjoyable shoot. Highly recommended

Rhi x

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It was the second time I got to work with Dominik at the Abbey Mill studio night the other day. A lovely and respectful person and really talented photographer with his own unique and beautiful style. Did some movement and dance themed shots together which I just loved and can't wait to see the results!

Highly recommended and hope there will be a third shoot in the future :)

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We shot together at a group shoot and Dominic was very professional and friendly. I would definitely like to shoot again, the images were beautiful!

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5arah Jane

Met Dom at a group shoot at pure Preston, my first group shoot I got on really well with Dom he made me feel comfortable really enjoyed working with him would highley recommend working with him,

Hope to work with Dom again in the future

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Bobbi Castle

Dominic attended my group shoot at Abbey mill studio....

He arrived on time and ready to shoot. I noticed strait away he was a friendly, funny and chatty person so we got on really well. Like me he really likes fashion so we shot some awsome fashion images during the day. The images I have seen posted are stunning!

I can happily recommend him to anyone and would defiantly work with him again :)

Thanks! .... Bobbi Castle

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