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Robert Mann MA

A few weeks ago I finally had the chance to shoot with Rosa again after having previously shot with her on a studio day in Chester all the way back in 2015. She was doing a remote studio day at Trident Studio in Plymouth and I am glad I took the opportunity to book in for it. She's a fantastic model with a great look and excellent posing skills and she was open for all the ideas I had in mind for the shoot, with Chris Conway providing assistance and superbly setting up all the ideas I had presented beforehand. We produced some fantastic shots together with Rosa and Chris bringing to life my ideas excellently. We conversed well throughout the time flew by. The shoot was an excellent experience and I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to shoot with Rosa again. Very highly recommended!

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Adrian Court

An oh-so-quick remote shoot with Rosa at Trident - 20mins but we got two sets and some different lighting options because I was the final shoot. The session obviously flew by but got some good shots, thanks for the time and I'd love to work with you non-remote at some point!

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Barbara Jenkin

Superb shoot with Rosa,

She works tirelessly, takes direction well, interpreted my concepts, creative and versatile. Very Professional, nothing too much trouble.

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Ron Andrews Photography

Just had my 2nd shoot with Rosa, this again was a group shoot arranged by Chris Conway at the Trident Studio Hire in Plymouth. Rosa is a talented and beautiful model to work with with easy out going personality which makes her a pleasure to work with. Our 3hr shoot ranged from casual wear, lingerie, art nude to costume wear. I can recommend Rosa with confidence to any photographer, novice or professional. We have already spoken about another shoot in the future. Thank you Rosa for your time.

Ron A

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Thomas Holm

I never worked with Rosa before but I'm absolutely sure I will again!

Amazing model, comms on point and very easy to be around with a very sociable personality. Rosa have charisma, can really pose and are up for experimentation and trying out new things. I don't have anything I'd want different with her, everything just flows she really burns through on the images and you will surely see once I get some edits done. Highly recommended.

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Chris Burfoot ABIPP ARPS

I have booked Rosa several times for The rps Art Nude Courses I run.

She is a very professional and hard working model and I wholeheartedly recommend her!

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Second shoot with the delectable duo of Grace & Rosa. After initial travel dramas where the twins got separated with Grace getting off the train and Rosa stuck on it we managed to reunite at Newton Abbot!! 😄

We then had a full day of shooting split between my home studio and an unseen room at Dartington Hall.

Just as last time Grace and Rosa flowed from pose to pose each as fabulous as the last. They worked very well together and we got through several different sets.

At the second location they were even more help as the room was rather dark making some great suggestions to make the most of the light.

All in all a great shoot, I think they enjoyed it too even if there were a few puzzles on how the outfits were supposed to fit!!

Highly recommended and am already enthusiastically looking forward to the next time I can work with this talented pair.


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Have just finished an epic shoot with the delightful Grace and Rosa. By happy coincidence they were both available for a short notice shoot. After dealing with the vagaries of the public transport system we got shooting slightly later than intended but they jumped straight in and hit the ground running so to speak.

I'd booked the Dynamic Duo for a full day shoot and am so glad I did. We spent the time split between two locations, a modern house and my "rustic" home studio and garden.

Grace and Rosa were brilliant, working fabulously together and hitting one fantastic pose after another. They worked extremely hard throughout the day and were fantastic company to boot.

Cannot recommend them highly enough; either of these superb models will produce a fantastic shoot, both together are indescribably awesome.

I think we produced some fabulous images and am already wondering when they might be available again for a second shoot. If you haven't booked one of them you really should.

Can't wait for next time. 😊

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I Shot with Rosa today at Paul's Studio in Reading, I had high expectations and was not disappointed, she came fully made up and ready to rock and roll and what a model ? she slipped from pose to pose with effortless ease with little direction from me needed. Rosa being such an experienced model I expected a little arrogance or coldness but she is none of that, bubbly, chatty and very easy to get on with. I brought a load of props which she was only too happy to wear/use with no complaint whatsoever. Would I shoot with Rosa again? at the drop of a hat I enjoyed our shoot immensely and I look forward to working with her again with relish, Thank you Rosa for a very enjoyable experience, Highly recommended and 5*****

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nigel kent

I had the great pleasure of a shoot with Rosa today. Pre coms were excellent and her experience shone through right from the off. She poses effortlessly and goes out of her way to ensure the photographer gets the best image possible. She is very professional and her friendly attitude made the shoot both fun and rewarding. I would recommend rosa very very highly and in my opinion she is a must for any photographers portfolio. I look forward to working with her again in the future! Thanks for the shoot Rosa your a real gem and a joy to work with.

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Max Operandi

Had a fantastic shoot on location with Rosa and her twin sister Grace at Tilbrook Hall, Huntingdonshire. The sun shone and the images we created were exceptional. Rosa is a very professional model and needs very little direction and they arrived with perfect timing. It is the first time our paths have crossed and I very much hope it won't be the last. I would highly recommend Rosa to all photographers of any level. A great time was had by all under perfect blue skies!

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Karen (KK)

I had the opportunity to share shooting amazing Rosa and sister Grace, at a wonderful location, together with and organised by Max Operandi. Our paths have not previously crossed, but of course Rosa has been on my radar for a while, so I was grateful for this fantastic opportunity. Rosa is everything I imagined her to be. A confident, beautifully presented and exceptional model. She is highly experienced, needs little direction and open to suggestions. Her hair, make-up, skin and figure being pretty much perfect. The four of us had the most splendid afternoon, in glorious weather, making some wonderful photographs.

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Worked with Rosa today. Ros is such a professional, knows exactly how to work the camera and a dream to work with, im amazed i havent shot her sooner and doubt this will be the last time i shoot her. Totally recommended, true star!

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This was the third time I have shot with Rosa, so I had really high expectations. Unsurprisingly I wasn't disappointed as Rosa is pro-model on top of her game (she's personable too, which is always a bonus).

If you're serious about getting some great shots, some of Rosa's time is a worthwhile investment. I certainly hope to shoot with her again.

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I had the pleasure of working with Rosa for 4 hours at one of my favourite studios - The Factory Studio in East London.

She is very easy to work with, has a great repetoir of poses and looks and takes direction very well when provided. I got some fantastic images, in a variety of styles, and I was very pleased to have had the opportunity to work with her.

I probably don't need to add anything for a model who has in excess of 500 references! Book her, you won't regret it!

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I booked both Grace Fae and Rosa Brighid for the same Studio Day, aware they looked alike but not knowing they are (almost) identical twins. Both were punctual and perfectly professional. There was no “sibling rivalry” – they shared ideas and worked really hard to make the day a success. Best of all, both Grace and Rosa were friendly to all the participants, regardless of their level of skill. They were happy to generate ideas for less experienced photographers, and happy to take direction from those more experienced in studio work. We hope to work with both Grace and Rosa again very soon.

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Had the very great pleasure of shooting with Rosa and her (twin) sister at a small group shoot yesterday. She is easy to talk to, very attractive with a stunning figure, and poses naturally. She takes direction well, and brought a fantastic range of clothing, from elegant to seductive. I can thoroughly recommend her, and hope to have the pleasure of working with her again.


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Gary Stuart

Had a wonderful shoot today with the emensly talented Rosa at her lovely new home in Clifton.she is friendly and confident.

We worked through several styles from fashion to art nude with Rosa using several clothing changes with effortless ease.

The four hours flew past.

Rosa is a very talented young lady and she poses without hardly any direction. Her home is a lovely setting with wonderful large windows in two rooms That ooze natural light which we made full use off.she also has a great large front room and bedroom that was also both used.

I'm looking forward to working with Rosa again in the near future.

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Heathside Photography

Great shoot with Rosa today at Shadow Studio in Gloucester. Rosa brings so much energy with her and is a lot of fun to work with. She also brought a fantastic collection of clothes and was thoroughly professional throughout the day. Very highly recommended and I look forward to working with her again.

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xxmrmthxx - Mel Tongue

It was lovely to see Rosa again this week at a 5 model workshop. She is such a natural at posing and so photogenic! oh and bloomin gorgeous!

Very highly recommended!

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