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Aurora Phoenix

Had a lovely shoot with the lovely Ben during my recent Tour to Kent. We’d already suit previously during some of my studio days so it was lovely to see him again and have a good catch up.

During shooting se shot a bunch of lovely fashion looks from a lovely vintage dress to some really cosy portraits. Ben is really good at using natural light to his advantage to create some really great images. I loved how we really captured the sunlight streaming in a really lovely way. There was the perfect amount of my posing and his directions too everything just flowed so well and I’m really pleased with results!!

110% recommended! Such a fab third shoot with the lovely Ben.

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Modelled for Ben on a Denim Shoot, was so pleased with the final Shots and Ben's easy going style. Would like to work with him again. Would recommend.


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Lea Avery

Met Ben at a car shoot and had a great time, amazing pictures, and was so friendly!

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Recently shot with Ben at a car shoot. Great work and a good sport all round!

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Anna Fyre Starter

Met Ben at a car group shoot, he was there on time, friendly and fun to shoot with, superb pictures and very creative. Thanks for coming it was great to work together!

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Baby G

Shot with Ben at a car shoot I organised on Tuesday. Pictures look amazing and greats coms pre shoot. Would highly recommend shooting with Ben!! Can't wait to shoot again soon :)

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Luana Elena

Ben was amazing to work and so easy. Definitely knows what he's doing 👌🏼 10/10 would work with him again

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Great shoot with Ben recently at my home studio,

We’ve been meaning to work together before lockdown and it finally happened.

Very nice guy and polite, cannot wait to see the images

Highly recommended by me!

Thanks for booking

Debs x

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Aurora Phoenix

Pre-Communications we’re great and we agreed to shoot a few urban fashion looks. Very different to our pin-up and vintage style looks from last years shoot. On the day of shooting Ben arrived promptly in fact very early before his slot. Luckily I was on my lunch break and not shooting so we could have a good chat before our shoot session.

During shooting we managed to fit 3 looks into 1 hour wow! It was very fast paced and shoot, shoot, shoot. We were left with some fantastic results in the end and I’m amazed we managed to achieve so much in such a short space of time.

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Aurora Phoenix

Had a really great shoot with Ben during my studio day at Canterbury Photographic studio. Pre-coms was great and we planned lots of exciting shoot concepts.

During the shoot Ben was both easy to talk to and work with. We got on so well and produced a variety of different images in a few different looks.

More than recommended! So pleased with the results.

This photographer is kind, professional and respectful.


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Canterbury Photography Studio

Ben took part in a studio day with us. He is a very genuine guy and a talented photographer. Love has a relaxed approach to shooting - Not rushing the models... Making sure everyone was comfortable throughout the shoot. He'd make a very good host :)

A nice chap with a lot of respect for others. Real gentleman.

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Cosmic Starlight

Had my first shoot with Ben today. Communication beforehand was good, we arranged where we were going and what we were doing. We got on very well, Ben is easy to shoot with and talk to. We managed to get two sets done in a relaxed manner, he makes the model feel comfortable throughout. We have discussed further ideas for shoots, which I look forwards to working with Ben again.

Ben is very professional and highly recommended to all :)

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Amazingly talented photographer with a great eye for detail. I felt very comfortable shooting with Ben as he’s very professional, not to mention enthusiastic. Couldn’t recommend more! Can’t wait to shoot in the future

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Worked with Ben today on a shoot outdoors for a fox theme! Ben’s pre communication was excellent, we found several interesting locations in the woods to shoot and I’m really looking forward to seeing the photos!

He is a chatty, friendly and chilled guy. I would absolutely recommend him and work with him again!

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Worked with Ben for the first time at my model day! He is so enthusiastic and great to work with! Lots of great ideas and will work with your own ideas and also give him own ideas! Highly recommended!

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Ben is a really kind and enthusiastic individual. His photography is artistic and he really takes into the account the models ideas. He thought about me the whole way through our shoot seeing as I am not the healthiest of models ever. Asking me how i was doing and feeling set me at ease. pre comms were brilliant, he arrived on time and ready to shoot without hesitation. He knew what he wanted and we managed to get some really lovely shots.

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Autumn Days

Had a relaxing and fun shoot with Ben today! He is very nice, calm and friendly guy, very easy to get along with! Also he has a great eye for locations and with his ideas he can guide you through all the shoot.

It was a pleasure to meet Ben! Would recommend and will work with him again.

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Monika Letora

I've had a fabulous shoot with Ben yesterday. Easygoing, loads of ideas and a friendly photographer!

It was a pleasure to meet him and i hope to work with again soon

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Luna Jay

I worked with Ben on a pier/beach shoot in Brighton, Ben is very friendly and conversational which made for a fun and relaxed shoot. We got some lovely shots that im very happy with.

I'd highly recommend Ben if you want some lovely shots for your port!

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I worked with Ben on a recent shoot and he had lots of ideas to offer - I would work with him again!

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