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James Hughes

Had the pleasure to shoot with Bethany & her partner. They were both on location before me despite a very early call time and were fantastic to work with. Very outgoing and friendly people who knew exactly what they were doing and came away with some fantastic shots. Would definitely recommend and would love to work with again!

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Scott Lovegrove Photography

Another pleasurable shoot with Bethany in the New Forest today. Despite a few wet slips, we have got some amazing images.

Can't recommend her enough.

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Old Bakery Photographic Studio Ltd

Another great shoot with Bethany. This time a duo gymnastic shoot with another model. Bethany arrived on time and works well in front of groups of photographers and also with the other model.

She is professional with a fantastic figure and gorgeous smile and a great model.

Highly recommended

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Scott Lovegrove Photography

Pleasure to do another shoot with Bethany who, as always, came packed with ideas for an urban shoot and allowed her natural flexibility to really add something to shoot and get some cracking pictures.

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Scott Lovegrove Photography

Another great shoot with Bethany. Came with ideas of what she wanted from the shoot and we were even able to experiment with a few different ideas.

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Old Bakery Photographic Studio Ltd

Wow what a fantastic shoot! Bethany wowed all of us were here acrobatic and dance moves and her fire dancing is mesmerising.

She has no problems performing in front of a group and bought some of her own ideas along too.

Talented lady cant wait to have her back in the studio again.

Highly recommended by us.

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RJNPhotographic said...

Another great shoot at the Old Bakery Photograhphic Studio.

This lovely chatty lady dazzled us with her gymnastic abilities and fire dancing.

Very pleasant and easy to work with highly recommened.

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Alan Ewart

Some days you come back from a shoot and wonder why it has been ages since you worked with someone. Today was just such a day.

Bethany came to me brimming with ideas for a halloween style shoot, and every idea was a great idea. We added some little twists and had a fabulous day.

Bethany was bang on time and had great outfits for every idea. Sadly we had to cancel the last set we had planned because (once again) I managed to fall over and badly twist my ankle. I'm sure we will get to shoot that set soon though.

Bethany is a performer, and that means that she brings a unique style to a shoot. I can't help but feel that we are only just seeing the tip of the iceberg with Bethany. She really is up for anything, climbing trees, wading into rivers, you name it and she can do it. Her core strength is amazing and she is incredibly flexible. A Gymnast, a dancer, burlesque, and so much more besides. A real star in every way, and a delightful lady to spend time with.

I hope we won't have such a long gap before our next shoot, and I assure you that I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again.

100% recommended.

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Porcelain Rogue Photography

Definitely one of my favourite models to work with!!

She's so lovely and easy to get on with, Bethany showed up on time and with a wide selection of outfits for the shoot. She flows between poses so fluidly and was great fun to work with. Highly recommended and I'm so excited to work with her again next week!

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I had a shoot with Bethany and her friend Rachael Fiona last evening. It was late evening to catch a sunset and include performing with fire. It was a great evening and Beth really showed off her flexibility and ability to perform some gymnastic poses with total ease. Hope to arrange another shoot very soon. Completely recommended.......

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Scott Lovegrove Photography

Bethany was a natural and just automatically knew what positions to get herself into. She was also incredibly enthusiastic for the shoot and was just a pleasure to shoot. Would definitely work with her again.

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I originally spotted Bethany’s profile soon after she joined Purpleport and realised she was local to me, so I approached her for a shoot and she accepted.

Her skin tone is amazing, clear, flaw less and compliments a Beautiful figure. Her makeup style is original and amazing and emphasizes a distinctive facial bone structure. She does her make up to a very standard. She does not really need much makeup though, she uses it to emphasize features already there and not to cover up imperfections.

Bethany is professional, fun and an absolute pleasure to work with. She has a relaxed and easy going personality. She will take direction, but does not need it. She will strive to achieve what she wants with posing and makes sure she achieves it. She has had gymnastic training amongst her other skills and this definitely showed in her posing with contorted positions

She came well prepared with appropriate outfits and accessories. On this, my first shoot with Bethany, she brought a black latex cat suit to shot in. We also did Crystal Patterns on the body and in the bath with floating flowers and then a milk bath effect.

I am so pleased to have had the opportunity to work with her, We have discussed the possibility of an outdoor shoot in future.

I would recommend Bethany with absolute confidence to anyone who wants an enthusiastic model, with a professional, yet fun approach to modelling. I look forward to working with Bethany again soon.


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Keith Griffiss

Shot with Bethany 9th June and what a delight it was. Right from the start communication was first class and that professionalism continued throughout the shoot. Such a versatile model, skate boarder, gymnast, aerial hoop artist and fairy with a lot in between. All with a smile and good humour even when flat on her back after falling off the skate board. Her enthusiasm is very high and she has great special awareness seemingly to just know when a pose looks good. Definitely want to work with her again in the near future. Very highly recommended.

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Along with another photographer, I had the pleasure of shooting Beth and her friend around our local area last week. She is a remarkable model with an endless list of suggestions and a willingness to try anything new. She even produced a large bunch on Helium balloons to enhance one particular idea she had.

The real good news is we going to do another shoot as soon as the weather improves this time featuring beach, sunset and flaming torches... bring it on.

Thanks Beth and look forward to our next shoot x

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Rich-Tones Photographic

I had the good fortune of being invited to join in on a shoot with Bethany and her friend which she had arranged with a photographer friend of mine who I was visiting.The shoot was a Gymnastic set, Bethany arrived on time in full make up and in costume which greatly impressed me.

Both girls were on time and we drove to a location to do the shoot, Bethany had written out her story board and knew exactly the poses she wanted to do and worked enthusiastically, this girl is very professional whilst maintaining a bubbly friendly personality.

Bethany is a delight to work with and I really hope to be able to work with her again, she is so hard working and a delight to shoot. Thank you Bethany for the invite and thank you for the amazing shoot, I enjoyed every minute

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Stuart Collins Photography

First shoot today with Bethany and her friend to do some gymnastics shots, it was good fun and both girls were a delight to work with. Bethany is great at creating gymnastics poses and enthusiastically contributes to the shoot. She arrived on time fully prepared with her outfit and make up done.I would 100% recommend Bethany and look forward to shooting with her again in the future.

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allsorts phtography

My First shoot with Bethany was just great, I don't think I have come across a model with such enthusiasm fantastic. While the weather was sunny it did get pretty chilly at times (we were on a beach)and not once did Bethany complain, the sign of a good professional. The poses by Bethany (she had sketched them all down in a sketch pad great)were very very good, and she managed to get through the lot, well done Bethany. I would have no hesitation in recommending Bethany and hope to have another shoot with Bethany pretty soon, thank again Bethany x

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Lauraanne (Photographer)

First shoot today with Bethany and it was such fun and she is a delight to work with. She is great at creating dome awesome poses and enthusiastically contributes to the shoot. She arrived with just the right stuff we had discussed and was so well prepared she even had a hot water bottle and dressing gown to keep warm between sets and boy did she need them as despite the sun it was a tad chilly. Look forward to our next shoot. ☺

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Alan Ewart

Every now and then you find a new model to PP and something about the portfolio just speaks to you. So it was with Bethany. We chatted a couple of weeks ago and met up today for a shoot that lasted most of the day.

By the time we reached the first location I knew we were in for a great day. 20-minutes into the first set and Bethany looked at the archway and dropped in the fact that she does parkour and thinks we would get some great shots if she climbed to the top of the arch! Yes seriously!

At out second location there is a lovely little wooden bridge - Bethany pipes up, "wouldn't it look cool if I did the splits across the top handrail "! Yes it would and it did. Want some yoga poses from a model standing on a stone in the middle of a river - yep, Bethany can do that. Oh that tree looks great, It would look amazing if I climbed up there and you got some shots - yep right again Bethany.

Do you have a feel for it yet? How about some dance poses where the model is on her toes with one leg perfectly straight above her head - yeah, Bethany can do that too.

Bethany describes herself as a dancer and performer, yep tick those boxes too. Bethany says she is new to modelling, and whilst that is true, she is an absolute natural. She is relaxed, and has the beautiful poise, elegance and flow that only dancer possess. You don't need to direct Bethany, she flows naturally and she does it beautifully. Just let her go and watch the magic unfold - make no mistake its a joy to watch and photograph.

I guess, to coin a phrase, Bethany is a total natural. When you add in her enthusiasm and love of performance you really have a winning combination. Bethany was simply a total joy to work with. A lovely lady, quick to laugh and smile, someone who really enjoys her modelling, and her enthusiasm and sense of adventure is a thing to treasure.

Make no mistake, in my opinion Bethany has it all. I have no doubt that Bethany has everything it takes to be one of the very best models on this site. It is almost frightening to think what she will be able to achieve with a few more shoots under her belt. If you have been holding off booking Bethany until she gets a bit more experience, then don't wait any longer, get on it right now. You won't regret it.

In summary my day with Bethany exceeded my expectations 100-fold. She is a performer of the highest order and fabulous at what she does. I could not recommend her any more highly. I have the feeling that todays shoot will be the first of many. 👍

Thank you for a totally awesome day Bethany. Have a fabulous holiday and lets do it all again when you get home :)

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Great shoot with Bethany, she came over a little nervous at first, but once she settled into the shoot she was full of enthusiasm and delighted to give my ideas a try. Would love to do a yoga shoot with her one day!

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