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Gina Rose

I had the pleasure of working alongside Benji this summer and found him to be a very interesting character. Benji is very knowledgeable about history and knows how to create ethereal/Fantasy style images with ease. He has plenty of awesome locations that he uses Varying from waterfalls, woodland and mountains which give the greatest of backdrops for epic storytelling shots. The only downfall was I wish I had more than one day with him as we both appreciate the beauty of working alongside nature and bounced lots of ideas off each other. A polite, professional gentleman who is a credit to the industry. Highly recommended.

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Andy Przybyla

Ben was part of a Viking reenactment I attended.

His outfit was great, was a good looking Huscarl and took direction well but better still posed as a Viking should.

Great bloke

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Lang Shot Photography

I shot with Benji a few weeks ago as part of a photowalk around Edinburgh. Benji is fairly new to modelling but it really doesn't show. He is hugely photogenic, poses really naturally and is a brilliant all round guy. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Benji. 10/10

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Had my first shoot with Ben yesterday. All communication in preparation to the shoot was great and Ben was even kind enough to collect our MUA. Lovely friendly guy, relaxed and easy to work with, takes direction very well. Ben was extremely patient and tolerant of us with a time consuming make up, hair, beard prep not to mention very flexible and tolerant on a chilly location shoot. He got into the swing of the character, helping us to create fab images - a great team member.

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Lighthouse Photography

worked with Ben yesterday for the first time and he is a fantastic person, easy to get along with and a great and flexible model. We had a great time and would highly recommend and definately work with again

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First shoot with Ben a few days ago, wow what can I say. 

Pre-coms were spot on, he had some great ideas and the pictures turned out fantastic.

Very highly recommended, I look forward to working with Ben Again. 

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David K Newton

I've had 2 shoots now with Ben and both were excellent. I'm very happy to recommend. Ben is professional and a pleasure to work with. He's understanding and receptive to my ideas but also highly creative. He's also a keen photograper and into post processing so it makes for a good dynamic, creative project.

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Melanie Lynn Robson

I’ve worked with Ben on two model shoots. He is friendly and personable, communicative and can contribute his own ideas. A keen hiker, Ben is happy to literally ‘go the extra mile’ when doing location work. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ben to any other model and all photographers. Thank you 😊

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