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Terry StreetArt

This was our third shoot together so it was very relaxed, the plan we had discussed was to do some wet look images and some luminous paint and UV light, we also planned to review my new wardrobe items and make images with some new outfits

Bassie is very versatile and has fantastic wigs she makes, she also does her own make up. We did the wet look first but unfortunately the flash trigger stopped working, and a change of battery only worked for a short time. (I got them half price and suspect they may be a duff pack) we improvised using my second camera's built in flash to trigger the slaves and got some images.

She was very patient and laughing and joking despite this set back. Then we did the paints which she took to with great enthusiasm, we got some fantastic effects with paint on face hands hair and arms and legs, Bassie posed making a variety of shapes.

After a clean up we did some wardrobe sets and lingerie in a new pink fabric set I created. Again we had fun and reviewed images together and made improvements.

Finally we finished with an outfit Bassie had bought with her, shot in a variety of standing and sitting poses.

All too soon our time was up.

Bassie is a natural actor and this allows her to bring extra skills to a set, She is imaginative with her poses and we have a lot of fun.

The images I have seen so far are very satisfying. With a lot of variety i am spoilt for choice to select favourites.

Once again I recommend her to photographers.


Bassie, it is always a pleasure to shoot with you. Thanks for coming to my studio.

Take care


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Terry StreetArt


Just had a second shoot with Bassie, she is such a great model to work with. This second shoot went even better than first as we have established some great rapport. This time she was clear what outfits to wear and what lighting I had shown her that she wanted to use.

The shots just kept coming and coming and we packed in a number of sets including the boudoir, Christine Keeler and the bar, before we tired and called it a day.

The images, as seen on back of camera, are great and I cannot wait to see them full screen.

Thanks again Bessie for a fab shoot and for working so hard today. I know you loved lots of the images and that makes it all worthwhile.

Needless to say I fully recommend her.

Look forward to working together again soon.



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Colin Hurst

I was looking for a word that reflected our first shoot. I think ‘epic’ more or less covers it. Sexy and sassy wouldn’t be incorrect either.

I’ve checked out the images, and I think we nailed it. Even the test pics were superb. And mono versions, wow!

Great pre-shoot comms, we defined our boundaries and I think we created some magic.

I would definitely recommend this young lady for not just creating great poses and superb imagery, but some great laughs along the way. We actually achieved a lot of pics where she wasn’t laughing.

Definitely a second shoot on the cards.

Bassie - thanks for a great shoot.


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Our 2nd shoot after too long a gap! She's great fun and a pleasure to work with, good comms, couldn't be more helpful, looks great on camera. Can't wait to shoot her again, soon. Highly recommended.

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Model T

I did a duo b/g wedding set at studio@one with Bassie, she was amazing, full of energy and ideas. really fun to work with. Loved our images.

Fully recommended.

Thanks T.

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Terry StreetArt

Wow what an amazing shoot we had such fun, and so creative. Thanks Bassie I was on such a high after our shoot. We sparked of each other and had some creative moments after another and it was such fun. I would love to work with Bassie again I thoroughly recommend this model. She is so understated.

Thanks and thanks Again Bassie.

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