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Rebecca Perry

What a pleasure it was to collaborate with Barrie! I have been modelling across the globe for ten years and I can honestly say that Barrie and Fiona are the most welcoming and nicest people you can meet in the industry!

Prior to shooting pre-communication was great and everything was so easy to organised

During the shoot He gives such a relaxed atmosphere to shoot in. I loved that I could just flow through poses and get on with the shoot

Barrie is really good at suggesting ideas and trying new and different things. We got a variety of so many different great looks and themes and produced so many sets during our shoot together.

Highly recommended to all Models! Such a creatively interesting, intelligent and lovely photographer and person

Thank you for a fantastic shoot

Best Wishes

Rebecca Perry


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Ms Tiana Kaos

I would 100 percent recommend Barrie. And his beautiful talented wife Fiona too! What a power couple!

Barrie hosted me again and at the studio for an awesome kaos weekender, overall we had a blast. Barrie is a patient, kind, intelligent man who runs an epic studio and does it well!

We had some time during a couple hours tuition that he did on one of my studio days. It went really well, the client was enthused and clearly learnt alot, and barrie is a fantastic teacher. We got some amazing work and had a chance to get some cool headshots.

- I am really looking forward to popping back to see my fav studio couple. Completely professional, so so lovely and I'm blessed to know them and have them host me

Muchly appreciated

The highest recommendation!

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Ms Tiana Kaos

Ahh barrie

What the hell can I say about barrie that would match up to him in real life?


Honestly, he has so so much knowledge of lighting, photography and rhe industry itself.

Aswell as owning the cutest dog in the whole of Scotland!

We had a fantastic shoot. He was a lovwly host picked me up from the station and dropped me back. A complete gentleman throughout the day and a dream to work with.

I am super happy we worked together and think barrie is a wicked guy! Fab character, great sense of humour, awesome to work with I learnt so much.

We worked on a few ideas and I was so happy he said yes to collaborating. He is a true artist and I am excited to see more results and work with him when I'm back in Scotland.

Honestly you should all book him because we'll he is ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT!


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Lilith Etch


With big letters! I was so fortunate to work with Barrie and to stay at his, Fiona's (the wife) and Kara's (the dog) place for several days. I was booked for two days at his studio, the Pavilion Studio (also recommended!), and all together, my experience with Barrie has been one of the best ones in my carrier as a travelling model.

He was super easy to plan with online before the events/shoots. During the days in the studio he really took care of me as a model, he checked on me several times to see if I was okay, if I wanted more coffee or water, and I got lunch and outstanding dinners every evening. He made the studio days fun with his good mood and sense of humor, and he always had time if I had a question or needed anything.

After the studio days I asked if he wanted to collaborate with me, and since he was up for it we easily agreed on collaboration terms, and then had a shoot on the Tuesday. During the shoot there were time for us both to try our ideas, and we discussed images, looked in the camera, tried new stuff - all together and in a light and easy way - exactly how a collaboration should be done. During the shoot I felt very safe and respected.

The images from that shoot are absolutely gorgeous and some of my new favorites in my portfolio - and there's more to come! 😍

In his house I had my own room, and I had the most enjoyable days with outstanding food, cuddling with the Kara dog, good conversations and 👌 gin and tonic's. I was very taken cared of, and I got a ride to wherever I needed to go (e.g. Edinburgh back and forth to pick up a bag!).

Thank you Barrie for some amazing days in your studio, in your company, and in your house. See you next year again!

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I had the pleasure of shooting with barrie just before Christmas on a test shoot at his beautiful studio.

Welcoming with tea and biscuits i was already happy and ready to shoot :-D Barrie was geat to work with had great communication before and after shoot! We had such a laugh and Barrie really focused on capturing my personality in the portraits which I loved. I learnt a lot as well gaining some great tips.

Highley recommend Barrie and look forward to working with him again.

Thank you!!

Ziggy x

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I shot with Barrie several years ago and it was a very enjoyable experience. Barrie and his lovely wife Fiona are so friendly and easy-going - they let me stay over at their place and I even got to go horse-riding with Fiona! Barrie's photography skills are fantastic and I really liked the images we produced. I wouldn't hesitate to highly recommend!

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Stephanie Dubois

I was fortunate enough to have a studio weekend at Pavillion Studio a few weeks ago. The pre weekend comms were excellent and Barrie and Fiona very kindly let me stay for the duration of the weekend. I was extremely well looked after and made to feel very welcome. At the end of the weekend I grabbed an hour with Barrie to get our own shots in. Barrie is easy to work with and knows exactly what he is doing. Both he and Fiona are very easy to get along with and I do hope they will have me back again.

Highly recommended :)

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Rose Magdalene Child

It shouldn't have taken me so long to write this reference as I really should thank Barrie and Fiona for their very kind hospitality whilst I had a little mini tour up in Scotland last month. I had 2 sold out Studio Days at Barrie's Pavillion Studio too.

I was so pleasantly surprised when I arrive into the studio on the Friday evening to find it was so beautiful and warm.....ahhhh bliss, I thought after the recent number of studios being like an ice block....!

Thank you for that Barrie, I have no doubt you get lots of models commenting on it.

Barrie's studio is spacious, contemporarily decorated, it has endless supply of backdrops, it has a natural light window which was stunning for some portraits there.

Barrie looked after me with cups of tea throughout the day and lunch and evening dinner was provided....which was absolutely delicious. I'll say it again...'Barrie and Fiona know how to look after the models'

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay with them, I felt comfortable and safe, it was like home from home really.

I even got to shoot with Barrie for a couple of hours on the Sunday morning due to a photographer having the wrong start time :S but anyhow, it all worked out well and Barrie took and edited some beautiful images of me that I really really love.

I can't wait to shoot there again, it is one of very few studio's that I would shoot in everyday!

Thanks so much Barrie and Fiona, you were wonderful.

Tillie x

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Sarah Green

I shot with Barrie today on a last minute shoot after a cancellation this morning and had a great shoot. He didn't mess around, even though he had a new lens he wanted to try out! He made me feel comfortable throughout the shoot, was very friendly and produced amazing photos, without any need for editing or photoshop! Looking forward to seeing the rest of the photos, the one I've seen already is awesome. Thank you for a great shoot Barrie and I would definitely work with him again / recommend him!

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Ms Rose

What can I saw about Barrie that's not been said before? He's a true professional, excellent communications, friendly and relaxed manner. His studio is warm, spacious, plenty of props and well equipped. He was an excellent host and on hand with a cup of tea :) Highly recommended folks

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Robyn Summers

If any model is travelling to Scotland, Barrie's Studio is definitely the place to be!

It's warm, very well equipped with beautiful natural light as well and plenty of space available for a range of shoots.

Barrie and his wife Fiona are incredibly helpful, professional and friendly and so easy to get along with.

I simply cannot thank them enough for their kindness and hospitality in putting me up for a couple of nights whilst I shot in the area! :)

Barrie himself is an excellent photographer,, experienced and knowledgeable with his studio lighting techniques and produces fantastic and beautiful results!

His direction was delivered well and is a great laugh. In other words, I thoroughly enjoyed working with him and I am sure you will do too- so do not hesitate in sorting out a studio day here for yourself!

Thank you again Barrie and I hope to revisit again sometime if I wasn't too much of a pain :')

Robyn xox

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Ivory Flame

Last weekend I worked again with Barrie on his Art Nude Workshop at Pavilion Studio, and have enjoyed many other shoots previous shoots with other photographers at his studio, and with Barrie himself out on location too.

He has been very easy to organise things with, really pleasant and friendly in communications, and is always professional and considerate to work with, checking I'm warm and okay on shoots, and giving me space and chillout time on breaks.

Both Barrie and Fiona are so fun, hospitable and great to chat with, resulting in enjoyable, relaxed and productive times. I would happily work with them again!

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I had a great time working with Barrie briefly during my tour he also gave me accommodation and organised a studio day at his studio for me. I had a great time and thoroughly recommend working with Barrie and using his studio :)

Akari x

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Natasha J Bella

I had 3 days shooting at Pavillion Studios. The studio is in a great location with ample parking and the studio facilities are perfectly comfortable, clean and tidy, warm and spacious. Barrie is the perfect host, I felt well looked after and the studio days had been very well organised from beginning to end. Barrie is very accommodating along with his lovely wife and I honestly cannot thank them both enough for their hospitality. Barrie was very helpful when needed and photographers spoke highly of his tuition. All in all a successful weekend, an absolute pleasure and highly recommended. :-)

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Helen Stephens

I had the pleasure of hosting two studio days at Barrie's wonderful studio, Pavilion in April.

Barrie is fantastic, I liked him instantly! Friendly, funny, laid back, kind... (I could go on!). Barrie and his wife Fiona very kindly let me stay a couple days, they we're both very welcoming and really made me feel at home.

Barrie is also brilliant at giving lighting tips and is an excellent teacher (so if you are a little nervous around studio lighting, or just want to improve - go on one of Barrie's workshops... Now!!)

My highest recommendation!!

Thank you Barrie and Fiona!! :)

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Adriana Timofte said...

Had an amazing shoot with Barrie last Saturday at His Studio in Livingston .

Great photographer very creative and focused , lovely person easy to get on with which makes for a good and enjoyable shoot , very Helpful he arranged 2 studio days for me , I was also staying with him and his lovely wife during my last trip in Scotland , I just cant recommend Barrie enough .

Hope I will work with Barrie again in the future

many thanks for a wonderful time

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Zara Watson

Had a fabbb shoot with Barrie at his studio! He is such a lovely, genuine man. Easy to get on with, professional, but down to earth and relaxed. We shot allsorts, and the time flew over. Barrie was so kind in making sure I was warm, much to his own meltingness! :) Definately looks after models :) He also arranged a studio day for me, which he hosted perfectly. Barrie and his wife Fiona, were so kind as to let me stay with them for a couple of nights, again, they are really kind hosts and made me feel very welcome, which i'm really grateful for! A very lovely couple, Fiona is an absolute pleasure too, very funny and equally easy to get on with. A fab weekend spent at Barries studio! The studio itself is mint! Has everything you could need as a photographer or model, and nothing is a bother, barrie is really helpful to other photographers that come in. I would definately recommend Barrie, Fiona and the studio!! All 110% spot on! :)

Thank you so much for having me! I had a fab time! :)))))

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Jen Somerfield said...

Had a great week with Barrie! We got to shoot twice at some really cool locations and at his fantastic studio. He really knows his stuff and especially how to that perfect shot. Thanks so much for looking after me and also to Fiona for being the perfect host. :) J x

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