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BabiPhoto has 15 references; 14 recommended, 0 not recommended, 1 late cancellation and 0 no-shows.

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Karys Elizabeth

I had the opportunity to shoot with Yan yesterday for the first time! He had great communication and he made so much effort to make the shoot setting look amazing.

I’d highly recommend shooting with him and the final images will be so exciting to see! Thank you xx

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vonny lang

We had a lovely shoot. It was relaxed, easy, and great photos were produced. Jan was fun to talk to and a great guy overall. I would definitely recommend him to other models or anyone looking for a photographer. Thanks and hope to work with you again!

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Zsani Zse

We had a lovely shoot with Jan yesterday at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. He is a pleasant company and a chilled person and fun to work with. I would totally recommend working with him :)

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Il start off by saying this was perhaps the first shoot I ever had where I can pick up on calming energy and he's got a really nice nature to him.

Arrived on time, had all the equipment and gave clear direction when needed.

He was so lovely and a really good photographer to work with.

I highly recommend!

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Miss Diamond Sparkle 💕☯

A big yes from Sparkly Sparkles!

I felt very relaxed and comfortable working with Jan...he was so easy to get on with, down to earth and chatty...Jan was also alot of fun...he had slime and a smoke bomb that he took with him to shoot...we couldn't stop laughing when I put the slime over my boobs haha...we decided to do the smoke bomb last as it attracts too much attention...yep the smoke was alot, so we walked away very quickly when we had finished haha...

Thank you for a really good shoot Jan...

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I spent a very pleasant Sunday with Jan in Hampstead Heath shooting in various locations we found along the way. Jan is a friendly, easy going photographer that is entertaining to be around so you almost forget you are working. He showed up on time and was punctual when replying to messages/discussing ideas. He was also inspired by locations and opportunities we saw in the duration of our shoot, keeping it interesting.

Recommended by me :)

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Camille Alexander

I had a really fun first photoshoot with BabiPhoto the other day at his home studio :)

The shoot was very easy to arrange, pre-communications were great. We shot a lot of different sets which all looked great. He was very professional and respectful and I felt super comfortable modeling for him!

Would love to work together again and definitely would recommend him to other models.


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Alishaa a

I just had an awesome shoot with this very talented photographer in a very nice hotel and I really can't recommend him highly enough as he is genuinely a very awesome guy. Babi is so easy to get along with and I could actually spend as much time chatting to him as I could shooting with him. We shot a mixture of portrait to nude level and his main concern throughout the shoot was my comfort and warmth. He is not only a perfect gentleman and very easy going person. He also has a great eye for an image, knows exactly what he wants to shoot and does so in a calm and relaxed manner. I would really love the opportunity to work with him again as I feel there is a lot more we could do. Very highly recommended to everyone.

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Had my first shoot with BabiPhoto today. Very short notice but he came prepared for everything we planned. Travelled to a stunning location and had the best time ever. Made me feel very comfortable and at ease throughout.

I would highly recommend to other models 🖤

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1565139600Cancelled with less than 72 hours notice.

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Lovely, friendly gentleman.

Very easy to work with, completely respectful of levels.

Wouldn't hesitate to work together again.

Highly recommended :)

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Aurora Phoenix

Had a last minute shoot with BabiPhoto in Bishops Stortford yesterday. Communication was excellent and I knew exactly what to bring, from heels to jeans and lingerie. When Babi picked me up from the station he was polite and friendly, he was also a fantastic host and provided me with coffee and snacks.

Babi had a great home studio and balcony to shoot from, together we took some incredible images and produced some really unique images that included some concepts I had never heard of or done before, Babi is a really creative and easy going photographer who comes up with his own unique ideas and is also open minded to new ideas and poses. I loved posing and Babi really brought out the best in me, at the same time as creating some great images the shoot was also a lot of fun. Babi was also very respectful and asked if i was comfortable during the shoot, which put me at ease.

100% recommended can’t wait to work with him again sometime in the future!

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Absolutely amazing shoot ! He arrived right on time with professional photography equipment and an amazing camera! He is a very talented photographer, he captured each shot uniquely and perfectly.

I was so greatful to have him booked for my last opportunity home casting:) The shoot was very fun and relaxed we laughed and listened to music whilst shooting and shared new ideas to create wonderful images ! I felt very comfortable and relaxed during the shoot and i am already planning the second shoot with him:) The best Slavic Photoghrapher on purpleport!

I recommend him to all models of any experience, he is a truly amazing and talented photographer who takes the best shots and will make your portfolio look great! 1000% recommend !


Sophia x

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I had my first shoot with him yesterday.Despite being sick he was very lovel,very kind,very respectable and a very creative shooter.Great pre comps I'd definitely recommend him!!!

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Brandiii said...

Had my first shoot with Jan and it was brilliant! He's lovely and respectful. He made me feel comfortable, confident and was a true gentleman! Adored working with him! I will always recommend him 100%.

Beth x

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