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I’m so happy with today shooting with Aychee, very friendly and professional! He was also chatty, had many amazing ideas and really cared about my comfort during the whole time. Photos are great and I can’t wait to work with him again:)

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Very talented guy. He made me feel very comfortable. Shots where great and I think we bounced of each other very well.

Would highly recommend this guy and can’t wait to see the pictures and for another shoot

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Morgan M

Had a fab shoot with Aychee :) he picked me up from the station, offered me drinks and had great fun while shooting, very relaxed atmosphere and looked like we got some great shots. Thank you :) Morgan xx

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Aychee was a complete gentleman throughout.

I had troubles with the trains and put he had no issues waiting to pick me up from the station. Made sure I had something to eat and we got on with shooting. Amazing amount and variety of clothes in the studio and the shoot flew by. Really easy to work with, very professional and considerate.

Also made sure I got home when my train had been cancelled.

100% recommended from me.

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Gentleman, had good conversation, shoot went well.

Hope to work with him again some time and would recommend.


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Had a shoot with aychee yesterday.

Had such a good day and the 4 hours flew by... he made me feel at easy straight away and is very easy to get on with.

He’s very professional and I can’t wait to see the images we created. He offered direction and we both bounced ideas to create what I hope will be amazing. Already planning ideas we didn’t get round to yesterday and I would highly recommend him to anyone who was to ask.

Thank you for a wonderful afternoon

Ampho x

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As always Aychee was professional, respectful, good company and produced some great images.

I feel very comfortable working with him.

Would always recommend.

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Had our first shoot today and it was so good dave makes you feel confident and comfortable, he has many ideas to share, we had some greats pics and his very chatty like me haha! Would definitely recommend dave

Thank you again x

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shannon elizabeth

Had a great shoot today with this awesome guy!

Got shots we both wanted, Was a great laugh!

Can’t wait to see images!


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Violet Orchid

I had a productive and fun shoot with this gentleman today. He was consistently kind, professional and courteous. We got some great vintage style bondage shots, from what I could see on the back on the camera, and were able to share ideas. We are already planning on working with each other again. Highly recommended!

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I had the chance to work with face at his studio again yesterday and as always, it was a fantastic shoot.

I love working with Dave and I like to think that the images we create shows this.

I’m so excited to see how they’ve turned out!

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Luna Mae Alt

Shot with dave at his studio, what a pleasure! Picked me up from the station and offered me a brew as soon as we arrived at the studio which always puts a smile on my face! Professional and accommodating I would highly recommend !

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I had my first shoot yesterday with Dave, despite shooting at his studio before with another photographer and I hope there is many more to come!

Dave was so lovely and laid back and had me laughing the entire shoot. I really can’t wait to see the images we’ve created from today!

I would recommend any model to work Dave given the chance!

(Ps - don’t leave chocolate out around him :P)


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Third (?) shoot now with David. Such an amazing photographer, and so wonderful to shoot with! He's accommodating and creative, with an amazing studio to boot. He's open to new ideas, and I can't wait for our next one.

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Had such a great day with Dave the shoot went really well and the photos have turned out great!

Did not feel uncomfortable at all enjoyed every second! :)

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Brilliant photographer- friendly, passionate and talented guy.

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Wow; what a day! Great chat, great direction and a very good photographer. Picked me and dropped me off from the station, provided me with refreshments and was incredibly accommodating. Can not wait to have another shoot! Definitely recommend

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Tammy Claire

pure amazing shoot with Dave today. was fun relaxed and got.loads of different ideas and sets done

can't wait to work with him again

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Shot my first ever set of pics with Aych back in 2003! Long time friend who pops up on my social media occasionally. Had an amazing set of pics back then! Highly recommended, very laid back and easy going.

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I shot with Aychee for the first time on 'Good Friday'. Very professional, easy going & great photographer. He captured some great images & we had a blast!

Hopefully will work with him again soon.

Many thanks, Ellarna :)

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