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Dave was such a pleasure to work with, came up with some brilliant ideas, and lighting. His studio is brilliant, and never seen anything like it so unique. I loved working with dave and doing something different using his circle and squares that he built within his studio. The images are absolutely amazing and I cant wait to work with him again in the near future.. i highly recommend dave

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Irida S

What a wonderful first shoot I had today with Dave from his studio in Sevenoaks !

Dave's pre comms were were very informative and professional ! On the day Dave picked me up from the local station and we went to the studio !

Dave is very friendly and hospitable and supplied me with endless cups of coffee !

He is so easy to work with , fun and has some amazing and creative ideas, a true artist ! !

I honestly really enjoyed working together and time simply flew by !

Very highly recommended by me and hope to work together again in the future !

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Dave has a wonderful personality and is chilled. He's really accomodating and I like that he wants to draw from images he's taken. I like his studio too which is at a dance school! Lots of tea to choose from too!

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I had the chance to shoot Dave after him messaging me, i did my research on all his pages which he understood as he didn't have any references on here. Im so glad we shot together!

Pre coms were very good, i knew exactly what he wanted to gain from the shoot. I turned up at his and his wife dance studio/Photography studio he was there to greet me and help me take my bags in, he showed me to my dressing room and around the rest of the place and let me lose on the tea/snacks/loads of food tuckshop! :)

This was such a chilled shoot with plenty of breaks but we did work me and my brain hard trying to get into crazy positions in a box... (this was so funny).

I could go on for ages about how good this shoot was and all the wonderful things but i don't want to bore you all. If the chance is given i will definaly without a doubt take another shoot with Dave, I can't wait to see the pictures and drawings. Thanks :)

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