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Jessica Megan

Andrew is one of the most eloquent and informative tutors I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He is utterly fantastic at his job and his knowledge of Photography and it’s technicalities is boundless. Andrew and his lovely assistant were the utmost professionals and extremely helpful to all on the workshop, ensuring each member received a mix of lecture and one to one tuition. Each one went home armed with information and as did I. I would love to work with Appleton Training again. Highly recommended!

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Rob James

I attended a very informative and useful Night Shooter workshop around the streets of Warwick with Andrew. I learned some very useful techniques, and got some great shots for my portfolio. I'll definitely look out for future courses when he's next in my area.

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I attended a "Speedlights Fast track and The Speedlight Studio", workshop on Monday as I wanted to learn to use my speedlights in more efficient way - and I would like to say what a great trainer Andrew was. He was friendly and welcoming, answered questions, checked your understanding, showed you a range of equipment but did not sell you anything....

I came away having understood a lot more about how I can control light, how lights can be used together and how I don't have to break the bank to achieve the look I want to achieve. I would definatley consider attending another workshop when he is back in Hampshire!

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