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Antwerp Mansion is a sprawling gothic house on the outskirts of Manchester. We have ample free parking and are close to excellent public transport links for those that don't drive. Until about a year ago, it was a fully functional nightclub so there are many unusual props lying about we encourage people to make the most of. We can be a bit of a maze so if you can't find a particular room or area you have seen pictured, please ask. We don't provide any photography equipment, but we have extension cables and some basic lighting available to borrow on request.

Most rooms are heated to a comfortable standard and there is a kitchen with brew facilities and a fridge, a couple of changing areas, WiFi and a shower is available on request. We're a 24/7 studio and hire out a minimum of one hour at a time. We're also undergoing renovations so more rooms are opening up all the time. Our small or medium group rates do not guarantee sole use of the building. We're a big building with many rooms and outdoor areas, there is rarely competition for space, but let us know if you want a particular room and we can reserve it. We're comfortable with any style of shoot up-to and including adult.

Areas available to shoot:-

Entrance Hallway with grand staircase. Currently features a large UV tree mural. This was due to be repainted in classic colours sometime in May, but due to general tears and wailing has been delayed until we finish the rest of the phase 1 renovations.

Blue Room. 3 big windows, an old piano in an alcove and a baby grand piano in a corner.

Gig Room. No natural light which makes this room perfect for low key or controlled lighting. This room contains a black stage down one end with large speaker stacks to either side. We have a pole for the stage on request. There are also 2 graffitti sets, an industrial set, a grungy urinals set and a frame to work with in this space.

Toilets. The old club toilets, they are wonderfully urban. Olive walls covered in a jackson-pollock vomit of colour.

Ballroom. A large white room with arched beams and a low stage across the far end. Some stained glass windows. Lots of natural light. This room usually contains our larger props. These currently include a throne, a circus podium and some 'stone' columns

Upstairs Landing. Frosted windows and lots of texture on the walls. This area has a yellow couch near the windows and an ivy set at the other end.

Red Bedroom. Deep red walls, Aged cream framed windows on two sides and a cream fireplace with signs of wear. A dark wood floor. This room has no ceiling and exposed roof beams. It currently contains a morrocan style bed, a swing and some vintage travel cases

Forgotten bedroom. Faded Beige walls, untouched since the 70s. Currently has a nice chesterfield style chair and the remains of a fireplace and a grey couch in this room.

Butchers Store (cellar) Large Stone table lies in front of a shattered light well

Smoking Area. Outdoors. Gravel floor, Lots of graffiti and a metal fire escape. Some trees.


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