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Catherine Knee

I worked with Anna at a group shoot where she had to contend with 9 photographers. Anna managed to do this without being in the least bit perturbed. Anna was able to pose herself, as well as to take direction for specific poses requested. Anna is lovely, both inside and out and looks so amazing. I expect to see some really great shots from the group participants. Thank you, Anna!

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I had the pleasure of working with Anna for half a day today at Solo Studios. Anna has a quiet confidence, a wonderful natural appearance and has a distinct and captivating sense of style. Anna was prompt, relaxed and highly professional. Anna has a lighter natural makeup that entire suits her colouring and clear complexion. I thoroughly enjoyed Anna’s level headed approach to modelling. Her wardrobe was excellent. Anna stands much taller than her height due to her toning and long legs. I will gladly look to shoot with Anna at regular internals as she will expedientiallly progress. Anna well understands many aspects of posing and quietly asserts her own twists which I hope she develops. Next to shoot some location. A commercial fashion model. Highly recommended.

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